X-Ray P250 Package CS:GO: Everything You Need to Know

The X-Ray P250 Package in the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has introduced a new mechanic to weapon cases for users in France. Here is everything you need to know about the new X-Ray P250 Package in CS:GO.

X-Ray P250 Package CS:GO: Everything You Need to Know

In an update shipped to users Wednesday, Valve introduced a response to anti-gambling laws in France that affect the in-game weapon cases in CS:GO.

This new mechanic, an X-Ray scanner, is obtainable by purchasing an X-Ray Package for $2.49 in the CS:GO main menu. Once a player opens this case, they will recieve the P250 X-Ray which serves as an X-Ray scanner for weapon cases.

The P250 X-Ray allows users to preview what rarity and type of custom weapon skin they will obtain by opening a weapon case before they pay for it. In order to preview another case, the player must claim the weapon skin from the case.

Basically, the X-Ray skin allows users to see what is inside a weapon case before they have to pay for what is inside, and if they don't like what is inside of the case, they don't have to purchase it. However, if they do choose not to purchase the skin, they will be unable to use the X-Ray Scanner until they claim that skin regardless of whether or not they like it. For those unfamiliar with CS:GO weapon crates, users previously had to blindly pay to open a case and receive a random skin in return.

This mechanic only exists for users in France for the time being, but it is expected that this will eventually be applied to other countries as they begin to strengthen or introduce anti-gambling regulations to video games that contain random loot boxes such as the weapon crates in CS:GO.

Photo Courtesy of Valve