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20xx Rocket League Price for PS4 and PS5

20xx Titanium White decal
20xx Titanium White decal / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Since its release in December 2019, the 20xx decal has been a fan favorite. Players, new and old, are always either looking to purchase one or sell theirs for some extra credits. With the market constantly fluctuating, here's a look at the 20xx decal's price on PS4 and PS5.

First let's take a look at the decal itself. The 20xx is a Black Market decal comes in two forms: Unpainted and Painted. There are 13 Painted versions of the decal ranging from Grey to Burnt Sienna to Purple. While any Painted version is obviously more expensive than the Unpainted version, the price of different Painted versions also vary. The crafting cost also varies between each version of the 20xx decal.

20xx Rocket League Price on PS4 and PS5

The Unpainted version of the decal is relatively affordable to acquire, only ranging from 300-400 credits. The crafting price is a whole other cost, running players 2000 credits to craft this black market item. The next most affordable decals are the Pink, Cobalt, and Forest Green Painted options ranging from 400-500 credits with an additional 2200 credits required for crafting.

Rocket League 20xx decal Cobalt Painted
20xx Cobalt decal / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

The decals are the Lime and Purple Painted ones which cost 450-600 credits to get before 2200 more credits are needed to craft the item. The Grey, Crimson, and Saffron Painted versions cost between 500-600 credits to acquire and an extra 2200 credits to craft. Similarly, the Burnt Sienna Painted decal costs 500-600 credits, but comes with a 2000 credit crafting charge.

The Sky Blue Painted version stands alone at a cost of 600-800 credits and a crafting fee of 2200 credits. The Black and Orange Painted decals require 2200 credits to craft on top of an initial 800-1000 credits to acquire.

Lastly is the Titanium White Painted variation of the 20xx decal. The most expensive of all, this item will cost players between 900 and 1100 credits in addition to 2500 credits to craft the decal. While an expensive investment, the popular 20xx decal looks fantastic and is something to show off other players.

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