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How to Get the Outlaw Car in Rocket League

Rocket League's Newest Car, Outlaw (pictured right)
Rocket League's Newest Car, Outlaw (pictured right) / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

Rocket League Season 4 brought a bunch of new content to the game, including a new car: Outlaw. Players everywhere are wondering how to get their hands on this new vehicle and take it for a test drive. Here's how to unlock Outlaw in Rocket League Season 4:

How to Get the Outlaw Car in Rocket League

To get the Outlaw players will need to go to the Rocket Pass tab upon logging in and look at the blue tab in top left-hand corner. At the very bottom of that top corner tab should read "Get Premium," click that option to pull up the Rocket Pass purchasing menu.

If a player has 1000 credits or more than all they need to do is purchase the Rocket Pass. If a player has enough credits they can also elect to purchase the "Rocket Pass Premium Bundle" option on the right side. This bundle gives players access to the Rocket Pass and a bonus 12 tiers from their current one.

If a player doesn't have enough credits to purchase the "Rocket Pass Premium" or "Rocket Pass Premium Bundle" then they'll need to buy more. At the bottom of the Rocket Pass purchasing menu is a "Buy Credits" option. Once players open this menu all they need to do is choose their desired credit amount and confirm the transaction. It's important that players note buying credits requires players to spend real money.

Outlaw is a Tier one Rocket Pass unlock, so players don't need to worry about increasing their Rocket Pass Tiers to get the car. After purchasing the Rocket Pass a notification will pop up on players screens notifying them of their newly unlocked Outlaw car which will immediately be available in their garage. The notification will even have an "Equip Now" option for players who want to begin using the car right away.

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