3 Best Support Heroes for Overwatch Role Queue

With the Role Queue Beta Season starting, Overwatch players everywhere are looking to stretch their Valkyrie wings and try their hand at other Overwatch roles. Fortunately, the Role Queue feature tracks your skill level in all three roles— damage, tanking, and support — separately. If you falter in one role, it won't affect your ranking in another role. What better time to switch it up?

Do you think playing support might be for you? Here's our top three choices to try out!

Best Three Support Heroes

1. Moira

Moira has been rapidly rising in popularity as one of Overwatch's best support heroes. Her small hitbox and massive healing potential make her an ideal choice for players looking to provide the best aid to their team. It's incredibly difficult to land a hit on her with her size, mobility, and Fade, so her survivability is decent for a constantly-targeted role. Her ultimate, Coalescence, is the second most powerful healing ability in the game — right behind Zenyatta — which doubles as a damage beam that completely ignores the enemy Orisa's barrier. Moira has made quite the impact on the meta in the short time she's been around.

2. Lúcio

Lúcio is by far one of the most fun support heroes to play. His job is to zip around the map at high speeds, delivering healing and movement buffs to his allies while bothering the absolute life out of his enemies. He comes equipped with the ability to provide rapid healing whenever possible and push other heroes back when they get too close. Who doesn't want to bump their enemies over cliffs or off the point? Lúcio's Sound Barrier ultimate is also a solid choice in critical situations to keep your team alive and while during a push.

3. Zenyatta

This choice had to be on this list. A standard but still solid choice, Zenyatta remains one of the best supports in-game. His ultimate, Transcendence, is the pinnacle of healing—so much so that often, when players think healing, they automatically think Zenyatta. Orb of Harmony is a fantastic way to babysit your tank or supervise an important lead during a push and Orb of Discord allows for a unique crack in the enemy's armor to appear. Zenyatta continues to be a popular choice on the professional scene, as well, often serving as the main healer in most team compositions.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.