3 Overwatch Heroes Who Could Use a Rework

Overwatch Patch 1.43 is set to release next week where heroes like Orisa, Sigma, and Moira will most likely see nerfs based on the current PTR. Alongside adjustments to Reinhardt's mobility and a rollback on previous D.Va's Defense Matrix nerfs, Blizzard is taking steps to move past the vilified double-barrier meta.

Whether they're too weak or too strong, what other heroes need to be reworked?

1. Moira

The effectiveness of Moira's Biotic Grasp has already been adjusted in Patch 1.43, but to be honest, Moira is in need of a larger rework.

At the risk of offending Moira mains, I just feel that Moira's kit is too easy to use. Being able to channel a ball that does the healing and damage for you, a right-click that requires little aim, and a free get away in the form of her fade, the malicious scientist is a low-risk and high-reward pick. While that sounds great for casual players, a rework for Moira would make it much easier to balance by making her more skillful than fine-tuning the values of her healing and damage.

2. Genji

Genji was just way too awesome in the Overwatch 2 trailer to not include him in this list. With Orisa and Sigma suffocating Genji's effectiveness outside of his ultimate, the ninja stars just does too little damage to be relevant.

The end of double-barrier might let Genji shine again, but if his pick rates don't improve, maybe Overwatch might want to sharpen his blade just a bit more so we can see more of the flashy cyborg ninja.

3. Doomfist

Doomfist is a hero every active player is very familiar with at this point in competitive Overwatch. With astonishingly high pick rates in Grandmaster, where nearly 100% of games include a Doomfist, speaking to how deeply rooted he in the current double-barrier meta.

Dominating a meta isn't necessarily bad, given that the hero is fun to play and that the meta is fun to play in. However, with every single Overwatch player is desperately pleading for the end of the double-barrier meta and Blizzard attempting to shift the meta based on the hero adjustments in the PTR, Doomfist's viability is in danger.

Doomfist's dominance in double-barrier is a consequence of his ability to move past shields, obliterate a squishy target, and make a quick get-away. With the end of double-barrier, his based kit becomes a lot less useful in comparison to other heroes that were prevalent in previous metas like Tracer.

If the big boss of Talon is to stay relevant past Blizzard's attempts to move on from the double-barrier meta, then Doomfist might need to learn more ways to be effective other than shooting needles and punching things really hard.

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard