5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.02

Photo by Riot Games

The 5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.02 might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's hard to deny their impact on any given match. With Patch 3.02 bringing little changes to Agents themselves, the meta for Patch 3.02 will most likely stay the same as in Patch 3.01.

So, who are the top five Agents in Valorant?

5 Best Agents in Valorant Patch 3.02

1. KAY/O

This one feels like a pretty safe pick. KAY/O was introduced with the release of Episode 3, and has already made a massive impact on the game. ZER/point (E) has game-changing potential, and if you've got solid aim, KAY/O can punish opponents who rely too much on their Agent's utility.

2. Killjoy

The genius of Germany strikes again. Compared to Cypher and Sage, Killjoy's effectiveness in games depends a lot more on whether she's attacking or defending. If KJ is defending, and on the right map however, she can be a devastating threat, letting enemies walk right into her bots.

3. Jett

Despite the price increases to her abilities, Jett is still the best Duelist in Valorant right now. Her mobility is unmatched, and with smokes to help her entry, she can be the vanguard for a solid attack, or a preemptive defense. If her economy is balanced right, Jett is a great addition to your team comp.

4. Sage

Another Agent who's been punished by price increases, Sage is still one of the more versatile Agents between attacking and defending. Barrier Wall (C) is probably more expensive than it should be, but with plenty of smart players abusing it, 400 credits is a fine price for now. Just like Jett, however, balancing your economy properly is important when playing Sage.

5. Omen

The only Controller on this list, Omen is provides great utility to balance out the rest of a team. With Dark Cover (E), and his vision reducing Paranoia (Q), Omen can disturb an opponent team before a Duelist charges in, which if coordinated properly, can be quite effective. Depending on the team comp, Omen might be redundant, but in the right situation, he's a great asset.