5 Best Agents to Pair With Killjoy in Valorant

Who are the best agents to pair with Killjoy?
Who are the best agents to pair with Killjoy? | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The new Valorant agent, Killjoy, has a unique kit that could make her difficult to deal with. With her abilities placed, defusing the spike or even approaching a site could be extremely difficult.

That being said, now that we have a general understanding of her abilities, there are already a few agents that will pair very nicely with her. Here are the five best agents to pair with Killjoy.

5 Best Agents to Pair With Killjoy in Valorant

1. Sage

Sage is an easy pick thanks to her versatility. Her Slow Orb and Barrier Orb can buy Killjoy time to lay her gadgets or her ultimate ability, which takes a few seconds to plant. Additionally, Sage's Barrier Orb will create new angles for Killjoy's turret.

2. Viper

Even though Viper continues to be one of the worst agents, her abilities could mesh nicely with Killjoy's. Three of Viper's four abilities obscure vision, especially her ultimate, Viper's Pit. This could make it difficult for the opposing team to find Killjoy's gadgets and destroy them.

3. Cypher

Cypher's Trapwire and Cyber Cage provide not only information, but can act as stalling methods. Knowing the whereabouts of enemies can optimize the placement of Killjoy's abilities and can also stall and allow for a turret to do more damage.

4. Phoenix

Misdirection and stalling in any way, shape or form gives Killjoy precious seconds to use her abilities. Phoenix's Curveball which blinds players and his Blaze can mislead and conceal Killjoy's abilities while also dealing damage or creating opportunities to win fights.

5. Brimstone

Similar to Viper, Brimstone has the capability to conceal a given area. His abilities do not cover as much ground as Viper's abilities but the fact that he can place three Sky Smoke clouds makes him a better fit than Jett or Omen.

Killjoy will release alongside Valorant Act 2 on Aug. 4.