5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.15

Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends champions received buffs and nerfs in Patch 12.15 which was released on Aug. 10. The five best bot lane duos have changed from the previous duos in Patch 12.14. Here is the list of the champions we believe you should pair in your upcoming League games.

5 Best Bot Lane Duos in League of Legends Patch 12.15

1. Sivir & Draven

Sivir is one of the best bot laners as she is fast and can deal a lot of AoE damage. It is difficult to escape her when she bursts her abilities. Patch 12.15 moved her from the bottom tier all the way to the S-tier. Combining Sivirs abilities with Draven will secure a win, as Draven has a 51% win rate. Draven can kill champions and quickly escape danger with his blood rush.

2. Ezreal & Sivir

Sivir gains movement speed whenever she attacks an enemy, combining it with her Boomerang blade, allowing her to deal damage each way. Ezreal also has an attack speed ability where he can stack up to five times. His Mystic shot can create damage with a bolt of energy and if it strikes an enemy, his cooldowns are reduced.

3. Jhin & Samira

Jhin and Samira have a winning rate of 52%. Playing these two champions together can give you a free lane. Use Jhin's head cannon that deals superior damage as it fires four shots with the final bullet adding dark magic. Samira can build a combo by hitting attacks or abilities from the previous hit. Her melee range allows her to deal additional magic damage.

4. Seraphine & Kai'Sa

Seraphine is a great champion to choose from as she can cast spells near allies to grant bonus damage and range on the next attack. Pairing Seraphine with Kai'Sa will double the damage she deals with her Plasma. As she upgrades her basic spells, they become powerful properties and Seraphine's bonus will only make her stronger.

5. Miss Fortune & Jhin

Miss Fortune can deal bonus damage whenever she attacks a new target. Her ability to make it rain with bullets deals a wave of damage to the opponents as well as slowing them down. Combining Miss Fortunes' abilities with Jhin will make it hard for the enemy team to fight against head cannons and flurry bullets.