5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 12.2

Urf the Manatee Warwick Skin
Urf the Manatee Warwick Skin / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The five best junglers in League of Legends Patch 12.2 are Shaco, Nunu & Willump, Trundle, Warwick and Diana. As new items were added to the new season, a few of these champions have made it to the S-tier list of junglers.

What makes a good jungler is one that has the ability to roam the jungle quickly, can keep up in level with the rest of the team, farm jungle monsters quickly and the ability to help gank lanes. All of the champions listed have been a great jungle pick as they are able to do all of the skills listed above.

5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 12.2

1. Shaco

Shaco currently is one of the best junglers in Patch 12.2. Shaco has been an annoying champion as both his abilities and boxes do incredible damage to enemies. Shaco's ability to go invisible and pop out of bushes makes him an excellent jungler. Shaco is also able to make a duplicate copy of himself using his ultimate ability which explodes into three boxes which fear and burn enemy champions.

2. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump made it to our Patch 12.1 best junglers list. They have made it to this list because of how powerful they have been in the jungle. Nunu & Willump are the perfect gankers using the enormous snowball to stun enemies, but can also roam and clear the jungle at a great speed. Nunu & Willump can become tanky or dish a lot of damage depending on their build.

3. Trundle

Trundle has also remained on the list as players have been having a lot of fun with him in the jungle. Trundle is tanky and unforgiving as he can slow enemies down, allowing his teammates to pick off enemy champions. Trundle can also deal a lot of damage to his enemies while still being tanky.

4. Warwick

Warwick has been a popular jungle pick in Patch 12.2. Warwick is one of the original junglers and it's nice to see him pack on the S-Tier list. Warwick's kit allows him to run down champions who are low in health, gank enemies from bushes and clear the jungle at a fast pace. Warwick's popular build has been Divine Sunderer which grants him health, attack damage and ability haste. Warwick can also be extremely tanky yet fast, making him sustainable in team fights.

5. Diana

AP Diana has been doing extremely well in the jungle this season and last season. The addition of Shadowflame to Season 12 has allowed Diana to not only be a tanky champion, but to deal magic penetration to her enemies. Diana is a speedy champion who can engage team fights, clear the jungle and gank enemy lanes. With Hextech Protobelt, Diana is an unstoppable jungler who can help the team win.