5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Preseason 2021

Tanky junglers dominate Preseason 2021
Tanky junglers dominate Preseason 2021 / Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.23 introduced multiple changes to the game including champion balance, new items across the board and Ranked rewards.

The Preseason 2021 patch feels like a whole new game, but still champions must rise to the top as being the best in specific roles.

Here are the five best junglers in League of Legends Preseason 2021.

5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Preseason 2021

5. Skarner

Skarner / Courtesy of Riot Games

Skarner is listed as S-tier jungler this preseason with win rate of 55-56%. With his solid ganking kit, combined with items such as Sunfire Aegis and high damage, Skarner offers a lot in team fights. He can act as a chunky frontline, initiator or even executor with his ultimate.

4. Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix / Courtesy of Riot Games

Everybody has been talking about how overpowered the AD assassins items are. Kha'Zix is one of the champions who benefits greatly from it, especially if players are queueing up solo. He can be built many ways depending on matchups and composition. His standard go-to path is lethality items. With the current buff on the items, it makes his burst damage even bigger.

3. Rammus

Rammus / Courtesy of Riot Games

The turtle tank finds himself at the top of the list with win rate of 56-58% and A-tier jungler title. Armor stacking is the main theme when it comes to Rammus. Thanks to Sunfire Aegis, Rammus now has everything he needs to demolish whoever stands on his way: magic resist, armor, HP, ability haste, and AOE burn effect. He offers a lot to him teammates too with his decent ganking kit and mobility.

2. Nunu

Nunu and Willump
Nunu and Willump / Courtesy of Riot Games

With a win rate of 57-59%, Nunu is the next S-tier jungler in the list. Nunu with Sunfire Aegis and Dead Man's Plate is not something Summoners want to deal with. His Immolate damage is massive thanks to the latest buff to tank items. Spirit Visage will give him healing and a shield. An immortal frontline with massive cc kit for team fights, Nunu is surely dominating the pick and ban list right now.

1. Amumu

Amumu / Courtesy of Riot Games

The sad mummy has no reason to be sad at all for Preseason. Topping the list of best junglers is Amumu with a whopping win rate of more than 60%. Amumu adds yet another reason why the tank jungler meta is back. It is hard to discuss tank champions without mentioning the Mythic item Sunfire Aegis. Paired with the new item Demonic Embrace and Conqueror rune, players can be surprised on how much Amumu heals.