5 Best PsyOps Skins in League of Legends

5 Best PsyOps Skins in League of Legends
5 Best PsyOps Skins in League of Legends / Image via Riot Games

Choosing the best PsyOps Skins in League of Legends is all about preference. As Riot Games announced earlier this week, five new champions will be getting a PsyOps skin in addition to the ones already in the game. The line has a futuristic, steampunk aesthetic to it which looks totally awesome.

Lets decide which five PsyOps skins are the best out of the brand new line of skins!

5 Best PsyOps Skins in League of Legends

PsyOps Pyke

Riot absolutely knocked the ball out of the park with this skin. Pyke gets a deeper blue recolor while also adding some high tech advancements. His blade looks like some sort of glowing commando knife. The best part of this skin is the back animation, however. It features a series of hands reaching for Pyke which he stomps out, before returning to base. PsyOps Pyke is a clear day one purchase for any true Pyke main.

PsyOps Sona

In my opinion, Sona got the best PsyOps skin. Much like how Kayle's models evolve when she hits a certain level, PsyOps Sona will experience cosmetic changes once she puts a point into her ultimate. Doing so causes her to become "unbound." She begins the game as a psionic being trapped in some sort of control module that restrains her. After becoming unbound, she breaks free from her prison and becomes a glowing, floating, super-being. The skin is pretty awesome, but it also allows Sona players to adopt more of a dark fantasy when playing her, which is not available in any of her other skins at the moment.

PsyOps Viktor

PsyOps Viktor instantly becomes the best Viktor skin in the game. The artwork on his abilities is what makes this skin worth every penny. The laser beam that shoots from his shoulder radiates some sort of dark matter energy while his ultimate pulsates psionic lasers. The theme fits Viktor's champion background so well. The skin feels like a total visual update for Viktor--and a damn good one.

PsyOps Master Yi

One of the best parts about playing Yasuo is how satisfying his auto attacks feel. They feel so clean and deadly--like a samurai should swing a sword. How does this relate to Master Yi? Well, good question. Its because the auto attacks on his PsyOps skin feel AMAZING. As an older champion, some of the animations on Yi's base models and skins can feel lacking, but PsyOps cures this completely. Pick up PsyOps Master Yi and you'll see what I mean pretty quickly.

PsyOps Shen

PsyOps Shen makes this list for one reason--his ultimate. The Shen's ultimate with the PsyOps skin is one of the most visually pleasing abilities in the entire game. Shen projects a small laser into the sky as he stands on a patch of light and forms his Naruto-esque hand signs. The ally that Shen is using his ultimate on receives a translucent, multi-colored bubble around them while a small laser descends from the sky on top of them. Its a visually stunning move--the first time you see it, I guarantee you feel the same way.