5 Best Top Laners to Pair With Yone in League of Legends

Yone's kit pairs extremely well with several of League of Legends' top laners.
Yone's kit pairs extremely well with several of League of Legends' top laners. | Image via Riot Games

The best top laners to pair with Yone should be champions who maximize his strong zone control. Yone is exceptional at decimating enemies that are already grouped on top of each other, but he can also use Fate Sealed (R) to force the enemy team to bunch up. For this reason, champions who can either hold enemies in a confined area or capitalize on enemies standing on top of each other will pair extremely well with Yone.

Let's take a look at which champions pair best with Yone. For a list of the best Yone counter picks, click here.

5 Best Top Laners to Pair With Yone


While most of Rumble's kit does AoE damage, The Equalizer (R) is the main reason he appears on this list. The damage from Rumble's ult can be incredible if enemies stand in it for too long. Yone can group enemies into a cluster that is an easy target for Rumble. The combination of these two champion's ultimate abilities can turn almost any team fight in their favor.


Like Rumble, Malphite is another natural pick for this list because of his ultimate, Unstoppable Force (R). Yone's ultimate could do a sizable amount of damage while stacking enemies into a practical bullseye for Malphite to smash. If done correctly, this combo has the ability to legitimately one-shot entire teams.


Yasuo technically isn't a top laner, but their kits are practically made for one another. Yasuo needs knock ups in order to activate his ultimate. Yone has the ability to knock enemies up with both his ultimate and Mortal Steel (Q). Because he has so many opportunities to activate his ultimate, Yasuo is a great pair with Yone.


Maokai provides an unbelievable amount of AoE crowd control which has great synergy with Yone. Maokai can either lock enemies down and allow Yone to burst them down, or follow up on Yone's ultimate to keep them in place. What Maokai lacks in damage, he makes up for in crowd control and seems to be another common sense pick alongside Yone.


Vladimir's ultimate, Hemoplague (R), might be ability that pairs best with Yone out of this entire list. The ability makes enemies take increased damage while also dealing magic damage. Since this is an AoE ability, Vladimir can apply it to the entire enemy team if they are stacked on top of each other--something that we have already established that Yone is very good at. From there, the increased damage will be more than enough for Yone to demolish the enemy team before they know what hit them.