5 Changes We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 3.03

Photo by Riot Games

The five changes we don't want in Valorant Patch 3.03 are pretty major, ground shattering stuff that would affect the game significantly. For some players, that could be a positive, especially those getting sick of the newest trick involving the Stinger and Bulldog.

But for most, these changes would be far too brash and rushed, and affect the game negatively. Here are the five changes we don't want in Valorant's upcoming Patch 3.03.

5 Changes We Don't Want in Valorant Patch 3.03

1. Major Buffs

Right now, Valorant is in a rare position, where the top tier Agents don't have a major advantage over lower tier options. If buffs were to be implemented to "weaker" Agents, like Yoru or Breach, it could seriously impact the game's meta, and that isn't something that should be done lightly.

2. Major Nerfs

The opposite is also true: nerfs to heavy hitters like Jett and Sage wouldn't necessarily make the game any better, just different. A new tier list would be released, and different players would play differently. Just like with buffs, nerfs should be considered thoughtfully before implemented.

3. Expensive Cosmetics

Valorant is lucky enough to boast a variety of cosmetic items, and plenty enjoy them. However, many are just too expensive to justify, with recent skin bundles like Sentinels of Light and Ruination digging deep into players' wallets. It might not make much sense financially, but plenty of players would appreciate cheaper skins and cosmetic items.

4. Ignoring Community Response

Valorant has found itself in a situation that many popular multiplayer games deal with: having a vocal fanbase. It's a double edged sword; you have players who create fanart, videos, and other content that celebrate the game, but also have many who are eager to find fault with the game, and beg for changes. It's tricky to deal with, but Valorant should find a middle ground, recognizing valid complaints and concerns, and ignoring trolls.

5. No Changes

This might seem counter intuitive, with the first two points mentioning overcorrections by Riot Games, but no changes at all would be severely disappointing. The dev team has already hinted at changes to KAY/O, so Patch 3.03 should bring Agent balancing and tweaks, improving the game without dramatically shifting it. It's a thin line to balance, but the best games manage to do it.