5 Most Spectacular Fails in PUBG Xbox History

PUBG Xbox has had a rocky time of it. Here are its five worst fails.
PUBG Xbox has had a rocky time of it. Here are its five worst fails. /

PUBG Xbox has had more than its fair share of bumps along the road as the game has struggled to reach even playability. Here are the five times PUBG Corp dropped the ball most impressively.

1. PUBG Getting Banned in Nepal, India and Jordan

Although this isn't PUBG Corp's fault exactly, it's still a pretty massive setback for the game. Having your title flat out banned in three different parts of the world is simply a tremendous feat of failure. That's to say nothing of the sorry story of PUBG Mobile in China. To be fair, having your game become so popular it causes national panic is in its own way just as impressive.

2. Vikendi Bugs

When Vikendi hit live servers on PUBG Xbox, players were wowed by its wintery world. That wonder dissolved when players ran into the slew of bugs plaguing the map. Cars would lift off from the runway of the road as easily as they fell straight through the pavement. The spectacle was an embarrassing one for PUBG Corp.

3. Regional Matchmaking Troubles

PUBG Xbox Update 6 was the first following the release of Vikendi, and while it did little to help the problems already occurring on Vikendi, its main contribution to the game was the manner in which it confused matchmaking. Players were suddenly being matched with others from regions flung far across the globe. North Americans found themselves against Europeans, Indians against Brazilians, and so on. This exacerbated already frustrating lag in-game and added another misstep to PUBG Corp's long list.

4. PUBG Xbox 1.0 Release

PUBG Xbox's exit from Game Preview was presented as its transition from broken mess of bugs and bad optimization into a clean, polished product. When the update finally came, it was true that it was full of exciting new content. What it was not, however, was a cure-all for the game's multitudinous shortcomings. PUBG Xbox fans became jaded by the thousands.

5. Return of the "Lost Connection to Host" Bug

The "Lost Connection to Host" bug is the closest thing to a ghost story in PUBG Xbox. Players who were there remember it as one of the darkest periods in PUBG Xbox history, afflicting the game for weeks and preventing thousands of players from getting into matches.

Now, the ghost of errors past has returned. The "Lost Connection to Host" bug is once again ruining play experiences the world over, and PUBG Corp has yet to introduce a solution. Will it take as long as it did when last this bug reared its terrible head? Only time will tell.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp