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5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.13

Patch 11.13 is coming soon. Here's what some players might be hoping for.
Patch 11.13 is coming soon. Here's what some players might be hoping for. / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.13 is coming soon, scheduled to arrive June 23. With this Patch ready to go live soon, there are some things that players are definitely hoping for in this brand new update. Patch 11.12 brought about the long-anticipated Dr. Mundo rework, and following that, players might be wondering where Riot Games will turn their eye to now. Here's 5 things that players might want for Patch 11.13.

5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 11.13

1. Keep the Reworks Strong

The aforementioned Dr. Mundo has been positively received by the community and player base so far, and we now know that Tahm Kench is getting a miniature rework soon. League of Legends is a game that thrives on patches and updates, and continuing to make lesser used champions more viable is essential.

2. Just a Bit of a Leona Nerf

This was something mentioned in our previous wish list for Patch 11.12, but still holds true. She shouldn't be blasted all the way into unviability, but it wouldn't be a bad thing for some balancing to occur. She is, after all, supposed to be a support, not a near-unstoppable menace.

3. Balancing Items Better

Some of the Patch 11.13 changes have already been announced via PBE, and that includes some buffs, nerfs, and lateral changes to items. Not all item changes are going to be popular, depending on a particular player's style and skill level, but the goal is always to give players what they need, not necessarily what they want. Hopefully we'll see that in Patch 11.13.

4. Continuing to Have More Skin Variety

Another piece of the patch mentioned in the PBE was new skins dropping, including the Astronaut skins for Corki, Maokai, Rammus, and Veigar. These new skins look good in the splash art, and hopefully will look nice once players can see them in game. League of Legends fans love their cosmetics, so continuing to have good-looking skins should be a priority for the development team.

5. Leave the Jungle Alone

It seems out of all the champions, the junglers seem to get the short end of the stick more often than not. Udyr received a massive nerf in Patch 11.12, and some pessimistic fans might be expecting further damage to viable junglers in the current meta. Balance is a delicate struggle, so for now, it may be best for Riot Games to not do anything unnecessary to junglers, and take a more observational approach for now.