5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 12.2

Nightbringer Aphelios Skin
Nightbringer Aphelios Skin / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.2 is set to go live Jan. 19, 2022, hopefully bringing a few balances to the game. Season 12 started Jan. 7, 2022, and players have been playing nonstop in order to climb the ranks this year.

New items, dragons, objective, runes and reworks were brought into the game during preseason 2022, and many balances and changes are needed before League of Legends can be somewhat balanced. With Patch 12.1, items, champions and teleport was nerfed, and a few buffs were added to the game as well.

The current state of the game is pretty unbalanced, but this is to be expected at the beginning of the season. Riot closely monitors the start of season in order to try and balance as much of the game as they can. As Patch 12.2 will be released on Jan. 19. here are five things we want in the League of Legends update.

5 Things We Want in League of Legends Patch 12.2

1. Nerf Axiom Arc

Axiom Arc has been a great new item for League of Legends that refunds 20% of a champion's ultimate ability cooldown after taking down an enemy. This item has given assassins more flexibility in team fights. However, it's in a need of another nerf. Champions such as Pyke, Nocturne, Xayah and Qiyana have been known for obtaining 15-20 second cooldowns on their ultimate abilities, taking down enemy teams. Axiom Arc is broken, and lowering the refund rate may balance the item.

2. A Smooth Release For Zeri

The new AD Carry champion, Zeri, is scheduled to be released on Jan. 20, 2022, and players have been nervous about her release. In the champion trailer released by Riot Games, Zeri's entire character is built around the idea that she is an electric and speedy ADC. Adding mobility to ADCs is nerve wracking as it allows them to quickly execute enemies, run away from team fights if needed and avoid any CC. Hopefully Riot recognizes that she may be too broken upon release and makes a few adjustments before her release.

3. Buff Samira More

Riot Games designer @RiotPhlox posted on Twitter the current buffs and nerfs that will be made in the game. Players were disappointed to see that Samira was only receiving an ultimate ability buff when she is weak in the current game. The biggest issue is that Immortal Shieldbow was nerfed in the last patch, which is one of the only items Samira could build to help her survive during team fights. Samira's survivability is extremely low, and players hope Riot can buff her more.

4. Aphelios Buff

Players have mentioned that Aphelios has fallen behind in the current state of the game. He currently holds a 45.82% win rate and players have mentioned that no mythic item allows him to reach his full potential. Kraken Slayer was nerfed on him, Immortal Shieldbow doesn't allow him to do enough damage, and Galeforce won't save Aphelios from pokes. Aphelios is in need of an MR buff as well.

5. Rebalance Support Champions

Riot has been struggling to balance support champions this past year. Some are too strong while others are useless. Fortunately, Janna will be receiving a rework in Patch 12.2, but supports such as Sona and Seraphine are beginning to fall behind in League of Legends. Meanwhile, supports such as Lulu, Pyke, Lux and Blitzcrank can get too powerful.