5 Tips for Playing ARURF in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

We've come up with 5 tips for playing ARURF in League of Legends. ARURF, or All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, is a game mode that is fast-paced and grants champions unlimited mana/energy as well as 75% cooldown reductions. Players can spam abilities as much as they'd like.

ARURF arrived to League of Legends on Jan. 26 with the Lunar Revel event and is a great way for players to take a break from ranked. The fast-paced game mode only appears for a limited time, so try out a game of ARURF before it goes away.

Riot Games has two different versions of URF: All Random and Blind Pick. This time around, the All Random version live and is similar to ARAM. Players are given random champions and can reroll or trade champions amongst their teammates.

5 Tips for Playing ARURF in League of Legends

1. The Unspoken Top Lane Rule

There's an unspoken rule when playing any version of URF. Right when the game starts, every player is usually expected to cannon to top lane and engage in a whole team fight. After the first few kills, players recall back to the nexus and go to their lanes. There's no pressure in following this rule, but it's extremely fun.

2. Keep Spamming Your Abilities

This is the time for players to go crazy on spamming their abilities. Mana and energy is refunded almost immediately and 300 ability haste means players can spam. It doesn't matter if a player's abilities land or not, just have fun with it.

3. Try New Builds

In URF, as in ARAM, minions are worth more gold. This gives players a chance to try different builds on different champions. URF is a great way to learn how different champions play on the rift and what items work against different champions. Even if a player has never played a champion that has been given to them, now is the time to practice and learn.

4. Build Mercury's Treads

No matter which champion a player is playing, build Merc Treads. Merc Treads reduce the amount of time a player is CCed. As players are able to spam CC abilities in this game mode, being CCed to death is a big possibility. To try to avoid this, Merc Treads and even going Tenacity can help a player's survivability.

5. Prioritize Drakes and Jungle Objectives

When playing ARURF, getting the drake and Baron buff can really make or break the game. Some champions are broken with certain buffs such as the fire and mountain drake. Prioritize and utilize these buffs.