5 Worst Top Laners for League of Legends Patch 10.15

Aatrox ranks as one of the worst top lane picks for League of Legends Patch 10.15
Aatrox ranks as one of the worst top lane picks for League of Legends Patch 10.15 / Image via Riot Games

Five worst top laners for League of Legends Patch 10.15 takes a look at which champions are simply not worth your time in solo queue. With the release of the Spirit Blossom event, many players are trying to diversify their champion pools in order to level up their spirit bonds and get event tokens. Lets take a look at which picks are sub-optimal for climbing in Patch 10.15.

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5 Worst Top Laners League of Legends Patch 10.15


When strong, Aatrox can be an extremely rewarding and skill expressive champion. He can be extremely hard to kill while dishing out great AoE damage. In Patch 10.15, however, other top lane picks simply do his job better. Darius combines his ability to dish out damage while being tanky and Camille can fit a similar role once she completes Death's Dance. Its best to wait for a shake up in the meta before locking in Aatrox.

Dr. Mundo

Similar to Aatrox, there are champions that do Dr. Mundo's job better right now. Maokai is an absolute juggernaut of a tank and provides better team fight utility than Zaun's mad doctor. Dr. Mundo is best as a split pusher, as he doesn't have a very team fight oriented kit. Don't give up on Mundo just yet, as he is slated for a rework next season which should polish up his kit and give him a needed graphical update.


Since her rework, Akali has proven to be one of Riot's more difficult champions to balance. She seems to be perpetually over-tuned or laughably weak. Right now, Akali has some ability to mid lane, but she is not advisable as a top laner. With juggernauts such as Darius and Garen roaming the top half of the map, the meta isn't too friendly to Akali. These champions are too big for her to burst down and also have enough damage to erase her quickly. If youre looking for an assassin play style up top, try Wukong instead.


Pantheon is actually not that bad this patch, however, his matchups in the top lane are not favorable right now. He has a great early game, but progressively falls off in the late game. He will get bullied by champions like Darius or Camille and out-scaled by carries like Jax or Fiora. Instead, try him mid, where his matchups are actually pretty good this patch and his roaming potential with his ultimate is maximized.


Ryze is having similar difficulties to Akali. The meta is extremely unfavorable to Ryze and he is only viable in extremely specific matchups. Against most meta champions, Ryze struggles to burst them down before they can get on top of him and find a kill. Additionally, locking in Ryze top all but guarantees that the team will have an awkward composition and may struggle to win.