5 Best Heroes for Overwatch's Rialto Map

Overwatch's newest map, Rialto dropped earlier today along with Season 10's competitive mode. Even though Rialto won't be in the current map pool for the time being, there are heroes that excel on the map's layout.

Here are five of the best heroes that work well on Rialto!   

5. Widowmaker

Rialto is a huge map with a lot of small corners for Widowmaker to hide herself in. She works great on both offense and defense. Widowmaker's Grapppling Hook gives her the mobility to move around the map aggressively, but still gives her the flexibility to get out of sticky situations. Since the map has big open areas, such as the courtyard, Widowmaker can get a huge vantage point to snipe targets that won't have much cover to protect themselves.   

4. Genji

Flanking is the name of the game when it comes to Rialto.

Genji is the perfect hero to get around enemy lines without being seen and pick off supports in the back line. Rialto's corners and open area both work wonders for Genji. In close quarters, Genji can get build up his ultimate charge and possibly rack up a few kills with his Dragonblade. The open areas allows Genji to move around and get resets for his Swift Strike.   

3. Tracer

Similar to Genji, Tracer is another fantastic flanking hero that can work well together. Another part of the map that Tracer can use to get in and out are the boats in the river. There is a telegraphed route the boats move in and heroes can jump on them to shortcut their way across certain parts of the map.

Tracers Blink ability allows her to have insane mobility throughout Rialto, making it extremely difficult to catch her out. 

2. Lúcio

Lúcio functions especially well on the offensive side of the map. Since there are many buildings placed all around, Lúcio can ride the walls and boop enemies into the water. Lúcio is already a fairly difficult hero to chase down because of his speed boost and awkward hit box. The vast open areas of Rialto will make the support even more difficult to chase down because of his mobility potential. 

1. D.Va

D.Va comes in the top five because she works well on both offense and defense. Her ultimate gives her huge zoning potential in both the small corridors and big open areas. In addition to that, she can throw her ultimate up and over buildings to catch enemies off guard for some quick eliminations.

Her Boosters allow her to fly through the map freely and give her the flexibility to engage and disengage.  

In other Overwatch news, Brigitte enters Season 10's competitive hero pool, but there have been some concerns about her power level. The issue with D.Va's power is being brought back once again by the community and there are hopes of toning her down once more.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard