Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu Confirms D.Va and D.Mon Knew Each Other Before MEKA

Among the new MEKA squad pilots introduced in the D.Va animated short is Lee "D.Mon" Yuna. Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu confirmed theories of the two pilots knowing each other before joining MEKA.

D.Mon and D.Va were previously on the same esports team, according to Chu. He explains this is the reason why their handles are similar between the two.

The MEKA squad seen in the D.Va cinematic shows four different Korean pilots, who were former top gamers in the country, that fight with D.Va to protect their country. Each member of the MEKA squad uses their online gamertag, like D.Va does, as their alias while fighting to save Korea. D.Mon's headset resembles horns, which is a clear nod to her online handle.

Although it is unclear which esport D.Va previously was a champion in, thanks to the ​retconning of formerly well-known D.Va lore, finding out D.Va is in the same MEKA pilot squad as her former teammate is an interesting fact.

Chu also ​revealed the name of D.Va's mech in another tweet Wednesday. Blizzard revealed ​other major additions to Overwatch at Gamescom. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard