Aceu Explains Why Pathfinder is an Overpowered Pick in Apex Legends

Pathfinder / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

There are a few picks in Apex Legends that make for powerful options in any team, whether it be due to their Tactical or Ultimate abilities. One of the more popular choices, Pathfinder, can be an overpowered pick of Legend, and popular Apex Legends player aceu has explained why he feels the Scout is one of the best "pusher legends" in the game.

You can play Apex Legends in many different ways. For those that look to get kills fast and play aggressively on opponents, aceu feels that Pathfinder can be one of the better choices. During his May 26 stream, aceu explained that Pathfinder excels when he’s on the front foot and being used by an aggressive player.

Aceu backed up his opinion by claiming that “no one can cover ground like Pathfinder," with Octane being his only true competition. The streamer even proved it by launching himself across the entire Firing Range in a matter of seconds with the grapple, showcasing how strong Pathfinder can be if you master his Tactical grapple hook.

If you can master the grapple hook and have a keen sense of the best weapons in Apex, aceu recommends Pathfinder as a great Legend when you want to go for high-kill games. Be careful not to be too aggresive though, you need to equally worry about defense and offense in Apex Legends matches.