Apex Legends Arena Weapons Tier List October 2021

RE-45 in Apex Legends
RE-45 in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/REspawn

The Apex Legends Arenas weapons tier list for October 2021 is going to differ some from October's Battle Royale tier list because of the close-quarters nature of Arenas mode. Not only does Arenas force players into shorter-range firefights, but there is also the in-game economy to consider when purchasing weapons, abilities, utility, and healing.

Weapons were organized into different tiers based on their performance in the following categories: the cost of the weapon, the weapons viability across Arenas' maps, and how often a weapon is used by the player base. Weapons are not in any particular order within their respective tiers and care package weapons have not been ranked.

Apex Legends Arena Weapons Tier List October 2021

S Tier Weapons: Cream of the Crop

In S Tier, we have the L-Star, Flatline, Wingman, and R-99. The L-Star is even more dominant in Arenas than it is in the Battle Royale mode because the L-Star's suppressive fire capabilities go hand-in-hand with Arenas' close-quarters engagements. The Flatline's damage makes it easily one of the best mid to late-game weapons. The Wingman is always a good choice if you can hit your shots. The R-99 spits out insane damage per second and is cheaper to fully upgrade than the other SMGs.

A Tier Weapons: Consistently Viable

A Tier includes the Prowler, Volt, R-301, Eva-8, Peacekeeper, and Devotion. The Prowler is the cheapest SMG initially, but gets expensive faster than the other options. It always performs well if you can afford it though. The Volt's range is impressive for an SMG, but it has a high initial cost. the R-301 is arguably the easiest gun in the game to control, but it has an expensive upgrade path to reflect that ease of use. All of the shotguns in the game, aside from the Mozambique, cost exactly the same in Arenas. Because of this, the Eva-8 is better in the early rounds when players can't afford shotgun bolts to increase a shotgun's fire rate. Once better bolts can be purchased though, the higher damage per shot potential of the Peacekeeper is more appealing than the Eva-8's high fire rate. The Devotion is a good gun assuming you have the resources available to fully upgrade it.

B Tier Weapons: Capable of Winning

The B Tier weapons are the Rampage, Hemlock, G7 Scout, Mastiff, Mozambique and Longbow. The Rampage is decent, but players will have to invest in thermite grenades on top of upgrades to make the most of the weapon. The Hemlock is cheaper than top-tier assault rifles, but it can be more difficult to use in close quarters because of the low hip-fire accuracy. The G7 Scouts poking capabilities are limited by Arenas' maps closer quarters. The Mastiff struggles to carve out its own spot in the shotgun meta because it has neither the fire rate of the Eva-8 or the damage of the Peacekeeper. The Mozambique might be the most underrated arenas weapon. It isn't as good as other shotguns, but many players underestimate the strength of a free shotgun. The Longbow is the best sniper for Arenas' mode, but snipers at large struggle on certain Arenas maps.

C Tier Weapons: Limited Viability in Arenas

C Tier weapons include the Havoc, 30-30 Repeater, Re-45, Charge Rifle, Sentinel, and Bocek Bow. The Havoc is the cheapest assault rifle in the game, but unfortunately, it struggles against other weapons unless fully upgraded. The 30-30 repeater leaves players vulnerable in close ranges unless completely upgraded. The Re-45 is actually a great weapon for early rounds or for rounds where players want to save money, but it loses its effectiveness in later rounds. The Charge Rifle is pretty expensive for a weapon that is exclusively used for long-range fights. The Sentinel isn't as useful in Arenas as it is in the Battle Royale because players must buy cells to charge the weapon.

D Tier Weapons: Consistently Outclassed

The only Weapon in D tier is the P2020. The P2020 is really only useful as a full save weapon because it is the only free weapon in the game other than the Mozambique and is the cheapest weapon to upgrade.