Apex Legends Assures Free Content for Players With 'Code:net' Errors

Apex Legends assures compensation for players affected by recent code:net errors.
Apex Legends assures compensation for players affected by recent code:net errors. / Photo by EA Games

Players who have been affected by recent code:net errors in Apex Legends might be seeing some compensation soon. A code:net error in Apex Legends is no specific error, but rather a general error code that appears after disconnecting to the server. Many players are reporting that a recent code:net error has left them unable to play the game at all, some for several weeks.

One unnamed player who was kept from playing for weeks was recently compensated 15,000 Apex Coins and 150 Heirloom shards, which can be used to acquire an Heirloom. Heirlooms are ultra-rare cosmetic bundles that typically include a banner pose, an intro quip, and a melee weapon. The content in the gift from Respawn Entertainment adds up to around $100.

Apex Legends Assures Free Content for Players With Code:net Errors

Despite this one player receiving a compensatory bundle, it doesn't appear that Respawn has given them out en masse. With many other players dealing with similar connection issues, there is a question as to whether everyone will be compensated with such valuable content. The player who reported the gift claimed that they were unable to play for six weeks, suggesting that his reward may have been due to prolonged inconvenience.

Many other players kept from playing are asking Respawn for similar compensation and that it is unfair for just one player to receive it. Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier reminded them that Respawn's main priority is getting the accounts reconnected to the server. He still mentioned that the second priority is to give afflicted players "some free stuff."

This most recent code:net error is a pressing issue given that it is leaving many players unable to play the game whatsoever. Despite being the development team's top focus at the moment, there is still uncertainty as to when it can be fixed. Although they may be kept away from the game, they can look forward to a bountiful set of rewards when they are able to log back in.

Apex Legends Season 8 is underway, with the most recent update arriving on Tuesday. Respawn is already teasing content for Season 9, suggesting that it could be coming soon.