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Respawn Teases 'Day and Night' Season 9 Loba Fix

Respawn Teases "Day and Night" Season 9 Loba Fix
Respawn Teases "Day and Night" Season 9 Loba Fix | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Frustratingly inconsistent, the pain of Loba mains may be coming to an end with the recent Respawn teases for a "day and night" fix for her in Season 9. Every character has had their own set of issues throughout the launch of Apex Legends, but Loba in particular has seen the worst of the worst when it comes to bugs.

Respawn Teases "Day and Night" Season 9 Loba Fix

If you haven't seen or experienced issues with Loba, you're one of the lucky ones. Those who play her, or try to play as her, regularly will see an issue where her Burglar's Best Friend ability will not allow them to teleport as intended. Instead, players may see themselves going nowhere at all, or teleported in an unexpected manner (although this one seems to be less frequent).

While one player did attempt to find a workaround for the issue, it ended up being slightly inconsistent. Nonetheless, it was a better solution than nothing at all, especially since the Chaos Theory event patch had made Loba's tactical ability unintentionally worse.

Replying to a question about Loba's tactical ability, Lead Game Designer for Apex Legends Daniel Klein said, "Loba's getting a lot of love for her tactical HOPEFULLY in Season 9 (I'm trying real hard not to overpromise; it's looking good right now, but bugs might come up or we may have to pull it for another reason)."

He continued, "We're talking both bug fixes and QoL changes. I've been playing the most recent version in playtests and I'm also somewhat of a Loba main on live, and the difference is day and night. After ~10 hours or so of playing the new version I've seen the tactical fail maybe once where it shouldn't have. On live, I can land swamps and pretty much have every single one of my tacs fail."

Loba has been on Respawn's mind for a while. While other Legends will be receiving nerfs in the near future, she still has plenty of work that needs to be done in order to put her at the top.