Respawn Reveals Full List of Apex Legends Bugs to be Fixed on March 15

Has anyone tried using the new Heat Shield to escape Fuse's Ultimate?
Has anyone tried using the new Heat Shield to escape Fuse's Ultimate? / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment revealed a list of Apex Legends bugs that will be fixed next week. The popular battle royale has had its fair share of bugs since launch, but this patch is set to fix many of the problems that arose with the game's Nintendo Switch release.

Some of the related fixes will correct bugs associated with leaked Apex Legends skins, such as Wraith's unreleased Queen's Guard skin

Apex Legends Bug Fixes for March 15

  • Game Session leaks fixed
  • LOC – DE/RU -SWITCH – Line breaks in menu fixed when selecting game modes
  • Loba bracelet will now work on Retail generators
  • Bangalore Heirloom performing SFX fixed
  • Heat Shield infinite uses exploit fixed
  • Overlaps and cuts offs in Ranked League Menus fixed
  • Club tag issue fixed for respawning players
  • Epic “Woad Warrior” Wraith skin textures fixed
  • Legendary War Path skin texture fixed when interacting with Survey Beacons
  • Chaos Theory Bloodhound Skin gloves texture fixed in 1st person view
  • Lifeline Mic Check skin collision issues resolved
  • Wraith’s “Queen’s Guard” texture issues fixed
  • Bloodhound Sacred Gate crashing error fixed
  • Bloodhound’s “Royal Livery” and Octane “Oni’s Shadow” skin textures fixed
  • Server Error – netadr_t::ToString fixed
  • Switch: GPU crash issues resolved while rolling matches
  • “gamemodes/sh_gamemode_second_chance.nut error resolved
  • Text integration added for Gamepad Menu
  • Console: “Electric Blue” skin textures fixed
  • Fur lining texture on Bloodhound’s “Going Dark” skin fixed
  • GeForce Now infinite loading issues fixed
  • Octane’s Skydive Emote “Fidget Spinner” preview now available when inspected on XB1
  • PIN events added to Battlepass to track missing rewards
  • Heat Shield audio issues fixed
  • Script Error issue fixed
  • Toggle fire option issues fixed
  • Target acquisition improved
  • Switch: Audio improvements
  • Flickering textures in-game improved
  • Charm names and Armory Icons corrected on Switch

The list is quite extensive, and ideally some of these fixes will prevent players from having in-game crashes or audio issues.

The changes are expected to improve the game's quality of life. Several changes were made to Legends recently that weren't listed in the Chaos Theory patch notes, and it looks like Respawn is trying to make sure everyone is aware of what's on this next round of fixes.