Apex Legends Conduit Release Date and Possible Abilities

Here's when Conduit is coming to Apex Legends.
Here's when Conduit is coming to Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

The newest Apex Legends character, Conduit, is coming to the Battle Royale sooner than fans might expect.

After Ballistic's failed launch in Apex Legends: Arsenal, there has not been another brand new Legend in Apex Legends. Instead, Apex Legends: Resurrection focused on revamping Revenant into Revenant Reborn, giving the reworked character a new Heirloom and Prestige skin.

Finally, after months of leaks and anticipation, Conduit is finally coming to the Battle Royale in Apex Legends: Ignite. Here's everything we know so far about the newest Legend, including her rumored abilities.

Apex Legends Conduit Release Date

The Apex Legends Conduit release date is Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023. The newest Legend goes live when Apex Legends Season 19 drops.

Respawn Entertainment teased, "Inspired by the hero that once saved her life, Conduit trades her own future for the opportunity to become an Apex Legend and provide for her family."

Although Conduit's full backstory and kit are still unknown, we know she is of Filipino descent and will likely be a Support Legend.

Apex Legends Conduit Possible Abilities Explained

Although Respawn Entertainment has not announced Conduit's kit just yet, leaks provide a preview of what her possible abilities will look like in Apex Legends Season 19.

According to reliable Apex Legends leaker, Osvaldatore, Conduit's abilities are as follows:

  • Passive Ability: Conduit gets a 40% speed boost when her teammates are out of TAC range.
  • Tactical Ability: Conduit can heal 25 shields of her teammates. The Tactical Ability comes with multiple charges.
  • Ultimate Ability: Conduit's Ultimate resembles Wattson's fences. The unbreakable wall, charged by Titan batteries, will shock, damage, and slow enemies.

Conduit's Titan influence comes from the Monarch Titan that saved her and her sister, Rowenna's lives.

Who is the Voice Actor for Conduit in Apex Legends?

The voice actor for Conduit in Apex Legends is Frankie Kevich. The Filipino-Polish actor will join Respawn Entertainment as the new voice to the highly anticipated Legend.