New Apex Legends Datamine Reveals Conduit Legend

Conduit could finally be coming to Apex Legends.
Conduit could finally be coming to Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

A recent Apex Legends datamine reveals long-ago leaked Legend, Conduit, could be coming to the Battle Royale by the end of 2023.

As Apex Legends Season 18 approaches, the developers have already confirmed much-needed Ranked changes after the uncompetitive system in Season 17. Leaks also suggest the southeast portion of Storm Point could be getting a few new POIs due to some inclement weather. Of all the new features, though, fans are most looking forward to the rumored Revenant Reborn in the next season.

New Legends always leak ahead of their debut in Apex Legends, and it seems even though Season 18 has not even launched yet, dataminers already know who the Season 19 Legend will be.

New Apex Legends Datamine Reveals Conduit Legend

Rumors of a Legend named Conduit started all the way back in 2022, but nothing ever came of the leaks until now. As fans prepare for Revenant Reborn, they must also look forward to Conduit, allegedly joining Apex Legends in the near future.

According to dataminer, Osvaldatore, Conduit "should be the S19 Legend." The tweet goes on to say, "Yes, that Conduit that has been scrapped 1 quadrillion years ago."

Reliable Apex Legends leaker, HYPERMYST, supports the report and reveals new Model codes were added to files for Conduit. Although the Legend's abilities are unknown as of now, the old leaks from 2022 suggest their tactical ability will be an Arc Flash that can heal the shields of targeted allies.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm any of the leaks, so we will have to wait and see if the reports of Conduit will finally come to fruition.