Apex Legends Datamine: Everything that has Supposedly Leaked so Far

A recent Apex Legends datamine leak has revealed apparent new sets of weapons, characters, and features that could be implemented into the game. The original leaks were found on Reddit, where they gained a large amount of attention. Nearly everything was up for display from sound effects to character portraits and theories were drawn quickly.

Here's our comprehensive list of everything that has supposedly been leaked so far. As always, take these with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends Datamine List

It's important to remember that not all these leaks have been confirmed, so any number of the items listed here may not be put into the game. That said, there are many things that we could see in Apex Legends in the near future—including Titanfall weapons.

Character portraits were originally leaked by Twitter user @Shrugtal. Looking at the images, here are some faces you could expect to see in an update later this year.

Weapons have been leaked and many of them are reminiscent of those found in Titanfall 2. This list includes:

  • Defender/Charge Rifle (Titanfall 2)
  • Cold War (Titanfall 2 grenadier)
  • EPG (Titanfall 2 grenadier)
  • Softball (Titanfall 2 grenadier)
  • CAR SMG (Titanfall 2 low-recoil submachine gun)
  • Volt (Titanfall 2 submachine gun)
  • New rocket launcher and archer

Additional Features were discovered in the datamined sound file leak and many players have gone through to speculate what they were. So far, things look promising.

  • Leviathan ping and movement lines, implying they'll be movable
  • Bandolier
  • Interceptor pings
  • Extended magazines for shotguns
  • Experimental weapons and ammunition, though these lines are all the information we have
  • Flash hiders
  • Friendly traps & smokes deduced from voice lines of Gibraltar
  • Portable respawn beacon (previously leaked)
  • Detailed voice lines about optics, talking about what optics they find, etc.
  • While these leaks haven't been fully confirmed yet by Respawn, they certainly do look like great content for the game. Hopefully, we'll see them in Apex Legends soon.

    Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.