Apex Legends Dec. 3 Update: 3 Biggest Changes

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Dec. 3 update went live on Tuesday making a few quality of life changes, some bug fixes, but also making some big changes for player progression that includes changing how players level up and the rewards they get for doing so.

Here are the three biggest changes from the Apex Legends Dec. 3 Update.

Apex Legends Dec. 3 Update: 3 Biggest Changes

1. Level Progression Changes

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The most significant change in the Dec. 3 update was the adjustments to Level Progression for players leveling up in Apex legends. First, the level cap was increased from 100 to 500. Trying to climb from level 100 to 500 sounds tiresome and gruesome, so XP requirements have also been reduced to make it easier to grind out the levels. The XP required to reach level 100 has been reduced by approximately 5% to accommodate for the sheer amount of levels now available to players.

The increased level cap should give Apex Players plenty more reasons to keep playing, especially since there are now...

2. More Apex Pack Level Rewards

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Players love being rewarded for putting in the hours, and Respawn is now giving players even more reasons to continue grinding.

The Dec. 3 update has significantly increased the amount of rewards players can earn by leveling up, which is great news for the most dedicated Apex players.

Before, players could only earn a total of 45 Apex Packs, but now by level 500, players can earn a whopping total of 199 Apex Packs, giving plenty of chances to acquire as many legendary skins that luck will give you.

Veteran players won't have to worry, as the rewarded Apex Packs are retroactive, meaning any packs they should have been rewarded based on their currently level in the new patch will be given. (So players who are currently level 100 will receive 14 Apex Packs when the patch goes live).

3. More Gun Charms

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The update won't just reward more Apex Packs, but players will also be given a Player Level Gun Charm for every 100 levels they climb.

A total of 36 new Gun Charms have also been added as a part of the update, all of them being classified under the Epic and Legendary tiers. Gun Charms will also be available in the Rotating Shop if players would prefer to purchase them directly.

Other rewards that players can receive include 600 Legend Tokens per level and per 18,000 XP at level 500.

The full Dec. 3 Patch Notes for Apex Legends can be found here.