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Apex Legends Dev Promises Plenty of Loot in Storm Point

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends developer has responded to concerns over Storm Point's loot pool.

Many Apex fans will be anxiously awaiting the drop of Season 11: Escape. Along with newly playable legend, Ash, a new map will be available for players to get stuck into. Having been previously teased, and become known as Tropic Island in various leaks, Storm Point will be the latest map to be added to Apex Legends.

While the launch of a new season and new content is exciting, many Apex fans already have their worries. For a game often plagued with bugs and glitches, a new map might only serve to bring a new batch to dampen matches. One concern that has been making the rounds lately is that of the map's potential loot pool.

With the current selection of maps, players have already had a chance to get accustomed to their preferred drop locations - knowing exaclty where to go in order to find a decent amount of loot. With Storm Point, though, it'll be a fresh start. Dropping into a place with very little loot is sure to make your match feel a bit hopeless. In the past, when new maps had dropped (such as World's Edge) players had some complaints regarding the amount of loot available. Especially when compared to other maps. The worry here is that Storm Point could start out the same.

Apex Legends Dev Promises Plenty of Loot in Storm Point

Rodney Reece, the designer behing World's Edge and Storm Point, took to Twitter yesterday to talk through some of the features for the upcoming map. One fan brought up the point that "people complained that there wasn't enough loot on World's Edge when it first came out...I figured it was only because people didn't know the map yet."

Reece responded to the comment, saying "That's precisely why. When World's Edge launched, people thought there wasn't enough loot, when in fact, there were 1k more than KC. The loot didn't adjust until Harvester."

"I expect the same earlier feedback for Storm Point at launch. Trust me, there is plenty of loot on SP."

So, it seems that Storm Point will certainly have a lot to offer. For the most part, its up to players to learn which locations work for them. Learning a map, discovering its secrets, and finding the best spots are all part of what makes new content so exciting. Here's hoping that Storm Point quickly becomes a fan favorite, putting all of these worries to rest.

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape launches on Nov. 2, 2021.