Apex Legends Dev Reveals Cross Progression Feature is 'Still in Progress'

"Still in progress on those two features."
"Still in progress on those two features." / Respawn Entertainment

Cross-progression in Apex Legends remains to be perhaps one of the most highly anticipated features in all of multiplayer gaming.

When compared to other major players in the battle royale space, the inability to keep your accounts consistent across platforms sticks out sorely with Apex. In Season 15, level progression, earned and purchased cosmetics, currency and even ranks are still kept separate even if linked to the same email.

Back in 2021, Respawn Entertainment initially revealed that cross-progression for Apex Legends was indeed in the works. With 2022 right about to come to an end, however, it appears that players will have to wait longer for the feature to arrive.

On Dec. 17, Apex Legends news page @alphaINTEL tweeted a screenshot of an interaction it had last year on the platform with Respawn Entertainment senior producer Josh Medina. Exactly a year ago, Medina asked Twitter to reply with what they would like to see Respawn do or go deeper on in Apex for 2022. At the time, @alphaINTEL replied with a list of proposals ranging from creator codes to a replay system.

In a new reply, Medina admitted that the post aged poorly, but that development on cross-progression and next-gen console support is "still in progress."

"Imma have a good 2023 lol," Medina tweeted. "Just make sure you keep this energy @alphaINTEL when something positive comes of this.

"But in all honesty, I messed up tweeting that last year and it’s constantly brought up and I have [to] eat the crow from my words. I look forward to the announcement of these things when they are done and ready until then y’all can keep clowning me and me only."

Ultimately, it remains to be seen just when the feature will arrive in Apex Legends.

With notable names in the community seemingly having already play-tested some of Apex's upcoming content, however, it appears Respawn has some major plans in store for Season 16.

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