Apex Legends Developer Responds to Feedback on First Circle Changes

Courtesy of Respawn

Apex Legends developer Josh Medina asked players for feedback on changes made with the recent launch of Season 14. Some players spoke about the map changes, such as the removal of Olympus for this season and the addition of the new Legend, Vantage.

The biggest point of contention, however, was based on the storm changes that were just implemented. Starting in Season 14, Ring 1 now closes in faster and deals greater damage if you find yourself outside of the Ring. The idea of this implementation is to make it harder for players to camp outside of the Ring and force them to push in and engage other players.

Players have taken issue with these recent circle changes, though. Many find the change too punishing for those taking too long outside of the circle and even spawning near the edges of the map.

Josh Medina replied to one such comment criticizing the circle change by simply saying "Interesting take on circle change." It is clear that developers are aware of player complaints, but whether or not they take actions based on said complaints is another matter entirely.

It will likely take time before any changes to the Ring are implemented, as developers will likely want to wait to see if players are able to positively adapt to the change or if it is constantly just seen as a nuisance to new and veteran players alike.