Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Patch Notes: All Buffs and Nerfs

Evo Shields in deathboxes now show their health with the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event update.
Evo Shields in deathboxes now show their health with the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event update. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event has just been officially announced, and with it, Respawn Entertainment have dropped their detailed patch notes listing the changes and new content coming to the battle royale next week.

With about five weeks into the game's 10th season, Apex Legends: Emergence, Respawn will be introducing a new Town Takeover, Rampart’s Heirloom, a new twist on Arenas, and tons more updates when the Evolution Collection Event kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 14. Here's everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event patch notes.

Rampart's Heirloom: Problem Solver

Problem Solver
Problem Solver / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Feast your eyes, Rampart mains. Titled as the Problem Solver, the Amped Modder's Heirloom is finally here.

Balance Changes


  • Rampart will now be able to run around with Sheila out, and shoot while walking. The spin up is longer, and she only gets 1 magazine in this mode.
  • Once Sheila is out, you can put it away and pull it back out until you run out of ammo (or hit the cooldown time).
  • At any point, you can still place Sheila down for your teammates to use. Once placed, it has infinite reloads and acts just like the previous version. You cannot pick it back up.


  • VFX (similar to the pulse on Loba ult placement) added to increase visibility for when a totem is placed nearby.


  • Reduced jump pad horizontal distance by 10% - 15%.
  • Reduced the rate of Octane’s Stim regen from 1.5 to 1.0 hp/sec.


  • When Bloodhound pings a clue from their passive, it will now show their teammates in quickchat how long ago the event took place.

Bocek Compound Bow

  • Draw speed slightly reduced from 0.56 to 0.54.
  • Arrows per brick increased from 14 to 16.
  • Arrows per inventory stack increased from 28 to 32.
  • Shatter Caps: Damage per pellet increased across all draw strengths. Short draw damage: 4 to 6. Medium draw: 7 to 9. Full draw: 11 to 12.


  • Reduced hipfire spread.
  • Hipfire resets slightly faster.

30-30 Repeater

  • ADS Strafe speed increased to shotgun strafe speed while Shatter Caps are enabled.
  • Charged pellet damage multiplier increased from 35% to 50%.


  • Cool-off time slightly increased.
  • Overheat lens replacement time slightly increased.
  • Rounds before overheat reduced at base and all Energy Magazine tiers. Base: 22 to 20. White: 24 to 22. Blue: 26 to 24. Purple/Gold: 28 to 26.
  • Arenas price adjustments: Base: 500 to 600. Blue: 300 to 250. Purple: 400 to 350.


  • EVA-8 and Mozambique headshot damage multiplier reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 bringing it in line with the Peacekeeper and Mastiff.

Triple Take

  • ADS charge time decreased from 1.0 to 0.8.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Shortened the out-of-bounds timer from 30 seconds to 15.
  • Your timer should be reset after being respawned.
  • Swapping from Red to a Gold Shield with more health no longer requires a long press.
  • Evo Shields in deathboxes now show their health.
  • Early Leaver Warning has been improved to help people from accidentally leaving before their party is dead. You now need to hold the confirm button down for a small amount of time. The highlighting is different colored than other prompts to catch your attention. Red text warning showing your leaving penalty added.
  • Added character portraits to "detected" widget for recon characters.

For the full list of the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event patch notes, feel free to check out Respawn's dev blog post.

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