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Apex Legends Seer: 3 Tips You Need to Know

Seer in Apex Legends
Seer in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Here are three tips you need to know when playing Seer in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends' newest Legend is Seer the ambush artist. Seer has already been nerfed and developers have promised to nerf him again, but he will almost certainly have a place in any meta because of the sheer amount of information he can gather on enemies. He isn't necessarily a direct replacement for Bloodhound, but he can provide the team with a few additional tools that Bloodhound cannot.

Apex Legends Seer: 3 Tips You Ned to Know

1. Seer's tactical can serve a few different purposes

Seer's tactical, Focus of Attention, reveals enemies and their health bars through walls, cancels any healing or reviving and stops abilities for a brief moment. All of this utility in one ability makes it a strong multi-purpose tool. Most people know to use Seer's tactical while pushing to show teammates exactly where enemies are, but it can be a strong defensive tool as well. Seer's tactical reveals an enemy through the wall for around eight seconds, plenty of time to intimidate an aggressive team into abandoning their push.

2. Seer's passive is arguably his strongest ability

Seer's passive, Heart Seeker, allows Seer himself to detect the heartbeats of nearby enemies through cover. This may not be as versatile as his tactical ability, but there are a few reasons its arguably his best ability. The first is that it is infinite. It only has a range of 55 meters, but there is no limit to how long Seer bide his time by safely watching enemies through walls. On top of this, Seer's passive tells him when he is looking directly at an enemy, ensuring he'll almost never miss with his tactical.

3. Don't be afraid to throw his ultimate liberally

Seer's ultimate, Exhibit, shows footsteps of all enemy players running in the area. Many players like to wait for a defensive situation to use this ability as a sort of anti-push. It serves this purpose fairly well, but there's no need to hold onto his ultimate for that long. Exhibit lasts 30 seconds and has a cooldown of two minutes, meaning it can be used almost every fight. There's not really a need to pick and choose which fights it'll be necessary in as you would with Gibraltar's ultimate which has a cooldown of four minutes and 30 seconds. Are you pushing? Throw the ultimate. Are they pushing? Throw the ultimate. There's honestly never a bad time to throw Seer's ultimate.