Respawn Developer Promises More Seer Nerfs

Seer in Apex Legends
Seer in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Associate live balance designer at Respawn Entertainment John Larson has confirmed on Twitter that the recent Seer nerfs are just the beginning of what is planned for the legend and the "wallhack meta" at large.

"This is a starting point. Regardless of what the data tells us, if internal and external feedback is any indication, I imagine one of these outputs will need follow-up work," Larson said on Twitter.

Apex Legends' newest playable character Seer is generally thought to be one of the best characters in the game because of how much information he can earn on enemy teams without having to take much of a risk himself. His passive allows him to find enemy locations through walls and his tactical reveals those enemies (and their life bars) to his team while also disabling their abilities for a short time and interrupting healing/reviving.

The two abilities aren't inherently overpowered on their own, but together nearly always guarantee that all enemies in the area will be revealed. John Larson implied that it's the synergy between Seer's abilities that will be the focus of balance patches heading forward.

"As I'm sure we're all well aware by now, Seer's tactical does a lot of things. Considering it's designed to be somewhat of a skill shot, this isn't intrinsically bad. But given how easy it is to hit with the ultimate/passive synergy... the least we can do is give the target a little more time to avoid getting hit," Larson said.

What About the "Wallhack Meta?"

John Larson also implied that he is listening to the community's feedback about abilities that give away enemy positions through walls. Many veterans of Apex Legends have issues with how often their position is revealed through walls because it can lower the skill gap between players. Players who pride themselves on having strong game sense can still have less information than newer players simply because they don't have a character like Bloodhound or Seer on their team.

"Something Seer has made clear that many high-level players already know with Bloodhound's success: real-time information through geography is extremely powerful in a shooter. My best guess as to what is happening in a fight will never be as accurate as a scan." Larson said.