Apex Legends Game Director Reveals Original Plans for Olympus

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have thoroughly enjoyed the new map, Olympus, throughout Season 7: Ascension. However, prior to the release of Season 7, many players were asking questions about the map that they are dropping into. With so much love being spread around for King's Canyon and World's Edge, people wondering if they could really make another map that would fit the play style for Apex Legends.

Even if you prefer King's Canyon and World's Edge, you have to admit Olympus provides opportunities for more distance shots with snipers, large amounts of verticality, and fast travel options with the Trident. However, even with how satisfied people are with Olympus, a developer revealed to how different Olympus was prior to its official release.

Jason McCord, who is the game director at Respawn Entertainment, gave us a peak at the first concepts of the Olympus map. These were created only a short amount of time after the game was initially launched.

The image is a little barren, with there being a lot of open space on the map, as well as other gaps to fill in. However, one of the more notable pieces of the image is the other city that appears to be floating above Olympus.

Fan's began to ask what these cities were and if you would be able to maneuver between the cities. James McCord quickly shot down the idea of multiple cities and said that it was "just early skybox art explorations... not gameplay space." They eventually changed the cities to clouds just because they thought it would be confusing to the players.

While sky cities would've been a very different feel for Olympus, we also can look at the amount of time that went into building the map. If they took a year and a half to make Olympus, who knows what they are working on right now?