Apex Legends Leaks Reveal Possible Loba Character Model

Loba's in-game model has finally been uncovered through data mining.
Loba's in-game model has finally been uncovered through data mining. / Respawn Entertainment, via iLootGames

Loba, the character many expect to be the next playable character in Apex Legends, may finally be on her way to the game following the discovery Tuesday of what appears to be her in-game model.

The model, uncovered by prominent Apex Legends leaker iLootGames, shows a woman with dark skin, wearing a white corset, jacket, and pants with red boots. Her hair is long and formed into two braids that reach from her hairline back to below her shoulders. On her right collarbone she sports a tattoo of a wolf, and she wears small golden wolf heads on each of her shoulders. ("Loba" is Spanish for "wolf".)

Apex Legends Leaks

The model's hair matches that of the little girl in Revenant's reveal trailer, which many have theorized to be Loba at a young age.

iLootGames found two animations that play when Loba uses a finisher on an opponent. The first shows a brutal, close-range execution, shooting the opponent a single time in the head. The second appears to show the victim being stomped on before having their neck snapped.

Loba will first appear in something called "Tease Phase 4," and will appear on in-game banners, according to further data mining by iLootGames.

Previous data mines have uncovered art and abilities for Loba, but the discovery of an in-game model is the strongest evidence yet of her imminent in-game arrival.

Although data mining is typically reliable, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has used it to misdirect fans, obscuring its true plans. The developer has yet to comment on who will be the next playable Legend.