Apex Legends Leaks Show More Storm Point Changes for Season 13, New Titanfall 2 Crossover

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

While Season 12 didn't have a new map, the game did get much-needed boost with a new Legend and the Control LTM. That being said, as time passes, the content will slowly become stale and players will look forward to the next season.

Season 13 is set to release sometime in May even though an official announcement hasn't been made. Most likely we'll see one of the leaked Legends like Newcastle and based on this new leak, another Titanfall 2 shoutout.

According to Apex Legends data miners Shrugtal and SomeoneWhoLeaks, Storm Point will have new "smart" supply bins which could have something to do with your loadout. This has been one of the main rumors and improvements coming to Apex Legends. Unlike Call of Duty, players don't have a loadout to call in, meaning they have to be lucky enough to find their preferred weapons.

That could all change come next season.

And it looks like Spectres from Titanfall 2 could be added next season. "Spectres appear to be making a return as controllable NPC allies next season, multiple pieces of code were added to support NPC C&C, minimap visibility, and smart tactics (like Grunt AI from Titanfall 2)."

Both have been reliable leakers in the past, so most of this information is credible, but nothing has been confirmed by Respawn and there's still plenty of time for things to change.