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Apex Legends Player Count Recap: August 2021

Let's talk about the player count for Apex Legends this August 2021.
Let's talk about the player count for Apex Legends this August 2021. / Respawn Entertainment

Let's talk about the player count for Apex Legends this August 2021.

Apex Legends numbers have swelled recently due in part to a massive exodus of players from Activision's battle royale, Call of Duty (COD): Warzone. Whether it's the considerably egregious lawsuit against Blizzard, the overwhelming number of hackers with no anti-cheat software to stem the flow, or the unfortunate recurring glitches and exploits in some major patches, it seems like players can't get away from the game soon enough.

In their minds: what better place to go than Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Player Count as of August 2021

For convenience, we'll go ahead and say that we estimate the number to be around 150 million players in August 2021. EA, like most large gaming publishers, isn't very forthcoming about that number. So, we had to figure it out ourselves. We've shown our work below.

Thanks to SteamChart, we can reliably state that Apex Legends has had an average of 133,194 players with 330, 476 at its peak in the last 30 days. In the last 12 hours, the game has reached 312, 682 players—meaning the game could be on track to break its peak should the trajectory continue. At least on Steam, anyway.

Apex Legends saw two massive spikes in the last year: gaining ~50,000 players in February and another ~40,000 in May. Its biggest loss was 27,798 players in June. However, this barely affected its average player count and the game has since recouped the vast majority of its peak players since then.

Steam, however, is only a fraction of the playerbase. The game is also available for PC on Origin and for console players on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, unfortunately, while good to know, we can't base everything off a single platform.

Apex Legends last published their player count via the official Twitter page in April 2021. According to the tweet, the game reached 100 million players on April 14. That's not all—a recent earnings call from earlier this month clued us into the weekly and daily average of the game, as well.

The average number of players in Apex Legends is 13 million per week with a potential daily number near 2 million.

Given the flood from Warzone for a variety of reasons—hackers, glitches, and/or the impending lawsuit—we can guess that the total number has probably risen from April. Looking at the trend on SteamChart, alone, it's possible to guesstimate a total number closer to 150 million at the time of writing.