Apex Legends Players Can Earn an Heirloom by Completing New Level Cap

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Apex Legends plan to reward the players that have put the most time into their game with a new string of rewards. These rewards come alongside an increase in the existing level cap which is being taken from 500 to a whopping 2,000.

The increase in levels does not mean the grind to hit higher levels will carry with it, as Apex Legends designer Aaron Rutledge notes,

“So in season 14, we’re going to expand the max level cap by looping through 1-500 three additional times.”

This means that once you go past Level 500, you will essentially be brought back to Level 1 again, only now you'll receive a badge that indicates you've made this looping progression.

The real benefit to the players from this increased level cap is far greater rewards. Apex Packs come with each level increase, so players will be able to get their hands on plenty of sweet new rewards just for playing the game.

Not only will players be able to claim more free Apex Packs, but they now also get access to more Heirlooms. Heirlooms are rare items in Apex Legends that change the skin of your melee weapon.

Before, players were only able to earn one free heirloom when they hit Level 500. Now, they get an heirloom after getting their 500th Apex Pack. In total, the new level cap will give players 544 new Apex Packs, so players will be able to unlock one new Heirloom for free just by advancing through the levels.

It definitely won't be easy to grind through all those levels, but the level cap increase does give players that don't want to spend money on the free-to-play title new ways to earn rewards. It will also give players a way to show off just how much time and mastery they've put into the popular battle royale released back in 2019.