Apex Legends Raiders Event Patch Notes

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment announced a new patch for the Raiders Event in Apex Legends.

The Raiders Event patch will release Dec. 7 along with a pirate-themed event and winter-themed game mode, Winter Express.

Apex Legends Raiders Event Patch Notes

Custom Reticles were announced so players can customize the color of their crosshairs. Players can manually enter an RGB color code, or select a color by adjusting color and brightness sliders.

This patch to be released mainly contains fixes for bugs and glitches players experienced earlier in the season. For example, this also includes a fix to the Bocek skin bug that players have experienced before.

However, Respawn has announced some changes to Seer and Arc Stars. Seer will have a decreased Focus of Attention delay. According to Apex Legends developers, Seer's detonation delay was a little too slow and they wanted to "improve its feel while continuing to evaluate the reveal meta as a whole.

The Splatter Rounds Hop-Up will be nerfed in this patch, removing the increased magazine capacity. Originally the Splatter Round increased the magazine size and decreases reload time for Rampart's Big Maude.

Here are some other patch notes for the Raiders patch:

  • Arc Star: Base stick damage lowered from 30 -> 10
  • Arc Star: Shield Damage Multiplier increased from x3 -> x4 (stick on shielded enemy will now max out at 40 instead of 90)
  • Ash will no longer “bleed” when shot and now displays sparks [like Pathfinder and Revenant].
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to scroll downwards when looting a death box or black market.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing players from getting Rampart’s Heirloom even after buying all 24 event packs.

With this Raiders Patch, a collection event will release where players can complete challenges for rewards and have the chance to unlock 24 pirate-themed, limited-time skins.

Along with fixes for some Wattson bugs, Respawn Entertainment debuted Wattson's heirloom, the "Energy Reader." Players can receive Wattson's heirloom after unlocking all 24 collectibles.

The Winter Express game mode returns this time of year. The game mode consists of three squads that will board and capture the train. Players can pick their loadout before the game begins.

This patch will go live with the Raiders Event on Dec. 7.