Apex Legends Ranks in Order: Ranked System Explained

Here's the Apex Legends Ranked system explained.
Here's the Apex Legends Ranked system explained. / Respawn Entertainment

The only way to progress through the eight ranks in the complex Apex Legends Ranked system is to play well against the best competition in the game.

After some struggles in Apex Legends Season 17, the Apex Legends Ranked system is better than ever. With free rewards and bragging rights on the line, fans of the Battle Royale are eagerly climbing the ladder in Season 19 on their quest to reach Apex Predator. Along the way, they will notice a few major changes to the system, including Promotional Trials.

Here's a breakdown of the Apex Legends Ranked system.

Apex Legends Ranks in Order

Here's all the Apex Legends ranks in order:

  • Rookie (lowest)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Apex Predator (highest)

Each rank leading up to Apex Predator has 4 divisions that players must progress through before they can rank up. Once players hit Platinum, ranking up is significantly more challenging in Apex Legends.

At the start of each Apex Legends season, ranks will reset and force players to once again begin the climb to Predator. Your starting rank will be determined by your performance in 10 provisional matches.

How Promotion/Demotion Works in Apex Legends Ranked

Promotion in Apex Legends Ranked all rests on your LP. As you gain LP, you will progress through each rank's subdivisions until you must complete your Promotional Trial (more on that below).

The amount of LP you gain after each match is determined by your placement, kills, skill, and rating. Basically, the longer you last and more eliminations you tally against difficult opponents, the more LP you will gain after each match.

Those who get demoted in Apex Legends from one tier to the next will get 500 LP taken away from them. Plenty of players get hard stuck between Silver and Gold due to the harsh consequence. At the bare minimum, try to retain your current rank at all costs in Apex Legends.

Ranked Changes for Apex Legends Season 19

Respawn Entertainment implemented a major Ranked change in Apex Legends Season 19 with the introduction of Promotional Trials. The only way to earn promotion in Apex Legends: Ignite is to complete a set of challenges unique to each rank.

Here's all the Promotional Trials in Apex Legends Season 19, per Respawn Entertainment.

Trial Tier

Main Condition

Alternative Condition

Rookie → Bronze

Win a game

During the Trial: 3x Top 10 placement, Get 3 Kills/Assists

Bronze → Silver

Win a game

During the Trial: 3x Top 5 placement, Get 6 Kills/Assists

Silver → Gold

Win a game

In 3 different matches complete both: Place Top 10, Get 3 Kills/Assists

Gold → Platinum

Win a game

In 3 different matches complete both: Place Top 5, Get 6 Kills/Assists

Platinum → Diamond

Win a game


Diamond → Master

Win a game