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Apex Legends Season 11 Weapon Tier List

The C.A.R in Apex Legends
The C.A.R in Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EA

Weapon changes and the new C.A.R. SMG had a massive impact on the Apex Legends Season 11 weapon tier list.

There were several weapons that were either buffed or nerfed in Season 11: Escape. The Eva-8, L-Star and Longbow were all nerfed and the Mastiff and Peacekeeper were buffed. The G7 Scout also took the Triple Take's place in the Care Package and the chances of a weapon spawning in a Care Package were raised across the board.

Apex Legends Season 11 Weapon Tier List

Remember that weapons are in no particular order within their given ranks and Care Package weapons will not be ranked.

S Tier Weapons: *Chef's Kiss*

The S tier weapons are the C.A.R. SMG, the Flatline, the R-301, the R-99, and the Wingman. The C.A.R deals decent damage, has a simple recoil pattern, and has the added versatility of being able to use both light and heavy ammo. The Flatline's damage and variety of effective ranges often earn it the title of best assault rifle. The R-301 does less damage per shot than the Flatline, but has the easiest-to-control recoil of any assault rifle. The R-99 is a bullet hose that has one of the highest DPS stats in the game. The Wingman is incredible for players precise enough to use it.

A Tier Weapons: Very Strong Choices

In A tier we have the Bocek Bow, Devotion LMG, Eva-8, Mastiff, Prowler, Volt and Sentinel. The Bocek is more viable than ever because crafting ammo now gives players triple the amount of ammo that it did before. This means players will spend less time looking for those rare arrows. The Devotion has the highest DPS stat in the game if players can find the Turbocharger. The Eva-8 has been nerfed slightly, but is still the most consistent shotgun in the game. The Mastiff's new hop-up, Dual Shell, is a lifesaver when it needs to be reloaded. The Prowler's hip-fire accuracy is insane and it is capable of killing most enemies reliably in four to five bursts. The Volt has a ridiculous range for an SMG. The charging mechanic of the Sentinel allows it to down players in fewer shots than other snipers.

B Tier Weapons: Viable, but Less Popular

B tier weapons include the Charge Rifle, Hemlock, L-Star, Peacekeeper, Longbow, Rampage and Triple Take. The Charge Rifle is an easy sniper to aim, but it will leave you relying purely on your secondary up close. The Hemlock does decent damage and is very easy to control. The L-Star has been nerfed quite a bit so it isn't as oppressive as it was before. The Peacekeeper does insane damage per shot, but the slow fire rate makes it a bit of a glass cannon. The Longbow is a very consistent weapon, but it can't match the per-shot damage of the other snipers. The Rampage requires players to carry thermites to use it to its fullest potential. The Triple Take does good damage and has plenty of shots per magazine.

C Tier Weapons: Will do in a Pinch

C tier weapons are the 30-30 repeater, the Havoc and the Re-45. The 30-30 is generally outclassed by the Triple Take and the Bocek Bow. Even with a Turbocharger the Havoc is considered worse than the Devotion because of its shorter effective range and lower DPS. The Re-45 struggles to fight at anything over a short-medium range.

D Tier Weapons: Consistently Outclassed

The two weapons in D tier are the Mozambique and the P2020. The Mozambique is worse than any other shotgun in the game. The P2020 is generally considered the worst gun in the game, but its better than no gun at all.