Apex Legends Season 15 New Additions: Gifting and Stickers Explained

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is doing more than bringing a new Legend, map, and weapon changes to Apex Legends Season 15. Fans can also expect a new battle pass and map rotations, but Respawn has taken it a step further.

Starting on Nov. 1, players will have access to a new cosmetic in stickers and a new feature: gifting.

How do Stickers Work in Apex Legends?

"Stickers are a brand new cosmetic we’re introducing this season that lets players equip stickers to healing items! Whether you are regen-ing your shields or healing with a syringe you can now do it in style!  All players will get the Shattered and Deathbox stickers for free when Eclipse launches. Players can also unlock 20 new Epic Stickers for a limited time from the Sticker Pack Series 001 available in the Special Stores Tab 11/1/22 - 11/22/22 only and not available in the general loot pool. Things you can apply stickers to:"

  • Shield cells
  • Shield batteries
  • Syringes 
  • Med kits
  • Phoenix kits 

These are new collectibles that can be displayed on healing items listed above, much like weapon charms, they give no strategic value.

How Does Gifting Work in Apex Legends?

"Whether you’re introducing a new friend to Apex Legends or welcoming back an old one, you don’t just want to catch them up on the story. Share the freshest Apex style with other players via the new Gifting system, which allows you to purchase bundles and cosmetic items in the Store tab for your in-game friends."

"First off; you must have Login Verification turned on, be at least account level 10, and be in-game friends with those you want to give to. to send or receive Gifts, your account must be in good standing and both you and your friend must have been friends for at least 2 weeks before you can give or receive gifts from each other("if you've already been in-game friends for 2 weeks" prior to the launch of gifting you can start gifting straight away). Once the requirements are met you can give a Gift to a friend regardless of what platform they play on!"

"Selecting a gift for your friends is simple: Gifts can be acquired with Apex Coins from the Store tabs at launch, and range from single items like legend and weapon skins to bundles. You can give up to five Gifts every 24 hours so you can be generous in showing your friends that you appreciate them!"

Basically, if you meet all the requirements listed above, head to the cosmetic you want to gift, and a "gift" button will appear in the lower left. It will also tell you how many gifts you have left in your 24-hour window. Click it then click the friend you want to gift and if you have the appropriate number of coins, you'll send the gift to that designated friend.