Apex Legends Season 17 Leaks Hint at New Titanfall-Linked Legend

Kuben Brisk in Titanfall
Kuben Brisk in Titanfall / Respawn Entertainment

New leaks have emerged for Apex Legends' upcoming Season 17 legend, hinting that he could be related to Titanfall villain Kuben Blisk.

We're still deep into Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry, a season which brought some unprecedented changes to the battle royale hero shooter. One noticeable change was the absence of a new legend in favor of a complete overhaul to the class system of the existing roster.

The alterations were well-received, with Apex Legends experiencing its all-time highest player-count on Steam. Just a day after the Season 16 launch, Apex hit a peak player count of 609,000 at roughly 9 a.m. ET. On top of that, certain legends received a spike in their pick-rates, such as Crypto and Catalyst, after the class overhaul opened up a world of new plays with some previously underused characters.

But as we look ahead to Season 17, players are wondering if Respawn are gearing up to introduce a brand new legend into the fold. According to Apex Legends YouTuber bobz, it seems that might be true, and some datamined dialogue lines have given some hints as to who that will be.

Apex Legends Leaked Season 17 Legend Dialogue Offers Origin Hints

It seems Ballistic, also referred to as Caliber by codename in a recent roster leak, is set to be Season 17'S new legend but not quite the same one from Titanfall. According to bobz, who references other datamined information, his abilities could consist of a Smart Pistol similar to that seen in the Titanfall series.

But it's some datamined voice lines which are revealing the most information right now. Current legends Gibraltar and Mirage have been found to have some voice lines that suggest some exciting information about Ballistic.

"Huh, Ballistic? The Ballistic? That brings back memories, bruddah. I always bet on him back in my Thunderdome days," Gibraltar says in the audio files. "Gonna be wild, squadding up with his kid."

Supposedly, this references Gibraltar's time in Thunderdome matches where Kuben "Ballistic" Blisk, a Syndicate merc and commissioner of the Apex Games, also competed. Blisk was the primary antagonist of the Titanfall series. But Gibraltar's line about "squadding up with his kid" suggests that his son has taken up the mantle instead.

Mirage also seemingly has something to say on the matter.

"Man, what do I gotta do to get my cover story? What is this?" Mirage says before adding, "Well, I'm glad I don't have to compete against my dad's legacy, y'know? Heh, am I right? You--y'know? I'm gonna go cry."

Respawn has yet to fully unveil the new legend for Season 17, but some recent character model leaks and mock-ups suggest that all these rumors might not be too far off.