Apex Legends Season 8 Early Patch Notes

Photo by EA/Respawn Entertainment.

Season 8 is still a ways from arriving in Apex Legends yet we already know a fair bit about the new changes that Respawn Entertainment have been making to the game. Here is what we know so far.

The first, and most obvious change we know of, is the imminent introduction of the new character Fuse as well as the new 30-30 repeater rifle. From what we gathered from the reveal trailer, one of Fuse's abilities will allow you to shoot projectiles from his prosthetic arm and his ultimate ability fires a mortar shell which will engulf a designated area in a ring of fire.

Apex Legends Season 8 Early Patch Notes

King's Canyon is also set to be getting a huge face lift in Season 8 as we can determine from its' recent removal from the map rotation.

But arguably the best part about any new Apex season is seeing how Respawn have gone about changing the various characters that are already in the game, whether it be buffs or nerfs to their abilities as well as new cosmetic items and such. Here is a quick list of the ones that Respawn have said are coming to the game:


  • Adding 45 health to her Amped Cover


  • There will reportedly be some changes coming in relation to Wraith's hitbox to make her more comparable to the other legends.


  • Respawn has stated that her tactical ability will be receiving a nerf, but we won't know how much of an impact that will have on the character until the start of Season 8.


  • Respawn are also looking at adjusting Revenant's hitbox though they have been struggling to find a suitable buff for him.


  • According to Respawn, they are looking at making the character more fun for people to use without making her seriously overpowered.


  • A fix in relation to Mirage's decoys making footstep noise. This has apparently been in the works for some time but Respawn have been trying to figure out how to implement it.


  • A fix for Caustic's hammer breaking doors. This was another fix that had been in the works for some time with Respawn.

And these are just some of the many things that we are looking forward to seeing in the upcoming Season 8 content drop for Apex Legends. Who knows what else Respawn Entertainment have up their sleeves this time.