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Apex Legends Season 8 Legend Tier List

Apex Legends Line Up
Apex Legends Line Up | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Season 8 Mayhem of Apex Legends has been here for more than a week now, and we thought that now is the perfect time to release our Season 8 Legend tier list. These tier lists are created with the three-man-squad concept in mind and will group Legends based on offensive and defensive utility for themselves and squad contribution.

There are few Legends that don't make the cut when it comes to utility. Every Legend has been designed by Respawn to operate in synergy with other Legends. Unfortunately, some Legends still require work, while some require a little fine-tuning.

Apex Legends Season 8 Legend Tier List

1. S-Tier: Invaluable Assets

Wraith remains at the top of the S-Tier list for Season 8
Wraith remains at the top of the S-Tier list for Season 8 | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Lifeline
  • Wraith
  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon

Wraith's ability to reposition herself and her team with invincibility is invaluable, and her hitbox still makes her a difficult target to hit when strafing.

Lifeline's passive ability to pick teammates up in the middle of fights while providing small cover. She remains offensive while reviving, giving the team a chance to recover from an otherwise grim outlook.

Gibraltar is an absolute tank, and long-range fights puts him at a particular advantage thanks to his Gun Shield. Picking up down teammates faster in his dome gives him pseudo-medic battle capabilities, and his barrage ultimate threatens to finish off any downed players or team caught in the open.

Lastly, Horizon's passive, ultimate, and tactical abilities offer mobility increases for her team, and hindrances for opposing squads. Her ultimate's ability to trap full squads in place makes them easy targets to pick-off.

2. A-Tier: Warm Welcomes

Wattson's team utility remains an A-Tier staple, nearly S
Wattson's team utility remains an A-Tier staple, nearly S | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Crypto
  • Wattson
  • Pathfinder
  • Octane
  • Bloodhound
  • Caustic

These Legends in A-Tier all provide valuable resources to the team, but their utility isn't quite high enough to bring them into S-Tier. A few tweaks here and there could bring any one of them to S-Tier.

A player who knows how to use Crypto well is a dangerous threat, but if his drone is shot down or ultimate called too early, it negates his ability to contribute to the team continuously throughout a fight.

Caustic and Bloodhound fall into this category of A-Tier as well for a similar reason. Caustic's abilities can be either destroyed or negated. A poorly timed use Bloodhound's abilities render his contributions to the team useless. Regardless, both Legends are valuable assets to the team when everything is used to its potential.

Octane and Pathfinder are great mobility Legends, but that is the extent of their contributions to the team. Both can pose offensive threats mid-fight with quick repositioning, but they can't necessarily provide that same opportunity to the rest of the squad.

Finally, Wattson's defensive capabilities coupled with her hitbox size make a valuable asset. While she doesn't have the same offensive potential, her ultimate and tactical abilities are great for keeping the team safe.

3. B-Tier: Situational

Fuse's full potential has yet to be seen
Fuse's full potential has yet to be seen | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Arts Inc
  • Fuse
  • Loba
  • Banaglore

These Legends aren't necessarily poor choices, but rather their use is situational. Bangalore's ultimate proves easy to escape. While her smoke does provide concealment, it doesn't take more than a couple of seconds for Legends in A- and S-Tier to find her once more.

Loba is a great Legend for early game looting, in between fights, or if there are plenty of death boxes around and your team is locked down in its positioning. Beyond those situations, she doesn't have too much to offer until we see more buffs.

It's still too early to determine where Fuse falls on this list. Players have been eager to use the newest addition to the Apex roster, and we've seen some great plays made with the Legend, but Fuse can be shut down by Wattson. A lot of communicative teams are warry of tight spaces as well, knowing that they're more likely to run into Caustic traps than a barrage of grenades. We might see where Fuse better falls on this list once teams start thinking about how to best counter the explosive Legend.

4. C-Tier: Chaos

Mirage is outplayed without deception
Mirage is outplayed without deception | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Revenant
  • Mirage

Both Mirage and Revenant have the capability to be threats offensively, but mainly their abilities cause chaos. Mirage's strengths are determined by deceiving other players, and then reacting to their deception, but if he can't do the first part he's without contribution to the team.

Revenant's tactical ability is great, but at best it just puts everyone on a level playing field to him. It doesn't do anything to boost himself or his team-up. His tactical ability's effect doesn't last very long, and the fluidity of movement in Apex still allows most Legends to duck out of a fight quickly while they wait for their own abilities to become usable once more.

5. D-Tier: Needs Upgrades

Although she's received buffs in Season 8, Rampart needs major overhaul
Although she's received buffs in Season 8, Rampart needs major overhaul | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment
  • Rampart

Rampart received a buff in Season 8 giving her deployable cover more health, but she still requires some setup time to be fully effective for her team. Mid-fight recoveries aren't her strong suit, for herself or the squad. The Legend will need some major overhaul before she's bumped out of D-Tier.