Apex Legends War Games Event Leaked

War Games is the finale event of Apex Legends Season 8
War Games is the finale event of Apex Legends Season 8 / Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Season 8 is nearing its end, but there is still one last event coming to the game before Season 9 arrives. The War Games event arrives on April 13 and will last two weeks until April 27. While War Games isn't a Collection Event, it brings a number of skins to the game as well as a variety of limited-time modes.

War Games does not bring any new map changes or points of interest, nor does it contain a new heirloom. It is mostly a cosmetic event, giving players a large number of skins to collect over the final two weeks of Season 8. There are also five new LTDs that will each be available on different days during the event.

Apex Legends War Games Event: Everything You Need to Know

While the full list of skins has yet to be revealed, several were previously leaked and have been known about for some time. Here is the current list of known new War Games skins coming to Apex Legends:

  • Bloodhound - Royal Huntsmaster skin
  • Gibraltar - Blood and Thunder skin
  • Lifeline - Ghost Stalker skin
  • Mirage - Swish-buckler skin
  • Pathfinder - Burgundy Knight skin
  • Revenant - Guerilla Ghoul skin
  • Wraith - Queen's Guard skin

The War Games Prize Track will add two additional skins for Rampart and Crypto as battle pass rewards. The battle pass will also include two charms, 30-30 Repeater weapon skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

War Games will feature five new LTDs that will be available one at a time during different dates of the event. Each LTD will only be playable for a few days before it is replaced with another. Here is a list of the War Games LTDs and when they will be playable:

  • Second Chance - each player gets a free respawn (4/13 - 4/15)
  • Ultra Zones - three hot zones in each match containing extra loot (4/15 - 4/19)
  • Auto Banners - banner cards are automatically retrieved (4/19 - 4/21)
  • Killing Time - round time is reduced any time a Legend dies (4/21 - 4/23)
  • Armor Regen - Legends' shields regenerate over time (4/23 - 4/27)

Apex Legends War Games will begin April 13 and last until April 27, the same day Season 9 is scheduled to begin.