Apex Legends Weapon Arena Tier List September 2021

Arenas mode in Apex Legends
Arenas mode in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/Respawn

Given Arena's tendency to force players into different engagements than the battle royale mode, the Apex Legends weapon arena tier list for September 2021 is much different than its battle royale counterpart.

Many of the fights in Arena happen at a much closer range than in the battle royale and as a result different guns will be more favorable in Arena.

Apex Legends Weapon Arena Tier List September 2021

Please remember that care package weapons are not ranked and guns are in no particular order within their respective tiers.

S Tier Weapons - Default Purchases

In S tier we have the Flatline, L-Star, Prowler, R-301, Eva 8, Peacekeeper and the R-99. Personal preference is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a weapon in Arenas. The Eva 8 and Peacekeeper are both fantastic weapons in their own right, but choose the Peacekeeper if you prefer big damage and a slower fire rate and choose the Eva 8 if you prefer the opposite.

The Flatline hits harder than the R-301, but the R-301 has considerably less recoil. The Prowler is incredible for players who prefer a burst weapon and the R-99 is full auto if you can manage the ridiculous fire rate. The L-Star does impressive damage and has the added benefit of potentially never having to reload.

A Tier Weapons - Always a Solid Choice

A tier is made up of the Bocek Bow, the Devotion, the Mastiff, the Volt and the Wingman. The Wingman and Bocek are easily some of the best guns in the game, but they reward extreme precision and are widely considered difficult weapons to wield. The Volt is a great choice, but is the most expensive SMG of the lot. The Devotion has potentially the highest DPS in the game if it has the turbocharger hop-up, but that will cost a good deal of currency every round. The Mastiff is a good weapon but is often overlooked in favor of the Eva 8 or Peacekeeper.

B Tier Weapons - Not a Bad Choice

B tier weapons include the Hemlock, the Longbow, the Mozambique and the Rampage. The Hemlock is a decent weapon in Arenas, but its poor hip-fire accuracy puts it solidly behind other rifles. The Longbow sniper is actually a good choice assuming you can convince your team to be patient and not rush in immediately. The Rampage does good damage and can tear down doors, but you'll have to also invest in a thermite grenade to make the most of it. The Mozambique is worse than other shotguns, but earns a place in B tier simply because it is free to purchase every round. This allows players to invest more money in healing, grenades or upgrading their primary weapon further.

C Tier Weapons - Limited Usefulness in Arena

In C tier you'll find the RE-45, the G7 Scout, the Charge Rifle, the Sentinel and the 30-30 Repeater. The RE-45 is the cheapest fully automatic weapon available for purchase. The G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater can deal respectable damage, but dramatically reduce player movement when aiming down the sights. The Charge Rifle and Sentinel can get the job done, but will require a great deal of patience from both you and your team.

D Tier Weapons - Almost Always Outclassed

The only two weapons in D tier are the Havoc rifle and the P2020. The P2020 is the only other free weapon besides the Mozambique, but feels outclassed by the Mozambique in almost every way. The Havoc rifle is decent once the turbocharger hop-up is purchased, but with the level of investment required to upgrade the weapon it's oftentimes smarter to save up for the Devotion.