Best Alchemy Decks MTG Arena

The latest Magic: The Gathering set shook up Arena's competitive meta.
The latest Magic: The Gathering set shook up Arena's competitive meta. / WOTC

Alchemy is a format for Magic: The Gathering (MTG) exclusive to the digital version of the game, Arena. Alchemy is similar to the platform's Historic mode, which includes cards on Arena not currently in Standard, but is also supplemented by cards from special Alchemy-only sets. Thus, the competitive meta for Alchemy is a bit different from those of Standard and Historic.

MTG Arena Best Alchemy Decks

According to MTG Arena Zone, a website that compiles decklists and data including online win rates, here are the best decks for MTG Arena's best-of-one Alchemy format, along with some explanation as to why they are so powerful.

2. Mono-Red Aggro

MTG Arena Alchemy Best Deck Thundering Raiju
Thundering Raiju is a powerful card featured in the Mono-Red Aggro Alchemy meta deck. / WOTC / Xavier Ribeiro

It might not be surprising one of the MTG Arena meta's best decks is Mono-Red Aggro. Historically, similar decks have done very well in Arena's formats, which value fast play and quick victories. Aggro is generally a very simple strategy: It involves swarming the board early with cheap, powerful creatures and defeating opponents before they can construct the appropriate defenses. Important cards in the deck include Thundering Raiju, Tiefling Outcasts and Kumano Faces Kakkazan, all of which can quickly overwhelm opponents if they aren't prepared to eliminate threats as they come.

1. Rakdos (BR) Anvil

Oni-Cult Anvil Magic: The Gathering Arena Alchemy
Oni-Cult Anvil, the most important card of this powerful meta deck. / WOTC / Yeong-Hao Han

Rakdos Anvil is a powerful deck that has dominated both Arena's Standard and Alchemy metas. It focuses on using Oni-Cult Anvil,Fable of the Mirror-Breaker and other cards that create many disposable artifacts to quickly whittle down opponents' life totals. This deck is difficult to deal with as it has many ways to accrue value from many inexpensive artifacts as well as profit from their removal. This means an opponent's ability to effectively deal with the Anvil player's cards is limited and they may find themselves swarmed by numerous 1/1 Construct tokens or eliminated from gradual life loss they can't do much to prevent.

Rakdos Anvil and Mono-Red Aggro MTG Arena Alchemy Decklists

MTG Arena Alchemy Best Deck Rakdos Anvil
A sample Rakdos Anvil deck, the best deck in MTG Arena's Alchemy format. / MTG Arena Zone, screenshot taken by Conner Dejecacion
MTGA Alchemy Best Deck Mono-Red Aggro
An example Mono-Red Aggro Alchemy deck on MTG Arena. / MTG Arena Zone, screenshot taken by Conner Dejecacion

If you want to dominate Arena's Alchemy format with these strategies, here are a few sample decks provided by MTG Arena Zone.

Now you know what the best Alchemy decks on MTG Arena are and can use them to climb Alchemy's competitive rankings. Keep in mind other strategies and formats on Arena exist, so if you are tired of playing these decks or facing these decks in competitive play, feel free to use your other cards to create new, unique strategies. The MTG Arena meta is always changing, and you might just come across the next best deck.